Bring new life into your home with Artiteq

Bring the scents and colours of summer
NL hero beeld van campagne

It’s summer! A season of vibrancy, colours and fragrances that make us happy and energize us. Why experience all that beauty only outdoors? We invite you to bring the summer atmosphere indoors. With Artiteq’s handy and flexible picture hanging systems, you can transform the rooms in your home into a summer oasis in no time.


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NL hero beeld van campagne

A colourful collaboration with @lieks_home

This summer, we had a colourful collaboration with the talented and inspiring Angelique of the popular Instagram account @lieks_home. Her fabulous, colourful home provided the perfect backdrop for our summer campaign ‘Bring new life into your home with Artiteq’. We really enjoyed shooting in her beautiful home and are immensely proud of the results!

Angelique’s home exudes the vibrancy and freshness of summer, with its bold colours, unique decorations and warm atmosphere. It was the ideal setting to show how Artiteq’s flexible picture hanging systems make it easy to bring the colours and smells of summer inside. From colourful posters and flowers on the wall to fragrant herbs in hanging pots, Angelique showed how to transform your home into a summer paradise.

Get inspired by Angelique!

Get inspired by Angelique and discover how to give your home a summer makeover with simple decorations and smart picture hanging systems from Artiteq. Discover the magic of summer decoration with @lieks_home’s inspiring ideas. Her colourful and vibrant interior is a source of inspiration for anyone looking to bring summer into their home. With her eye for detail and creative use of colours and decorations, Angelique shows how to turn your home into a summer paradise! Read the blogs for more inspiration.

Summer living trends

In this blog, we take you through the latest summer trends and show you how to decorate your walls with Artiteq’s products. Find out how to incorporate the ‘modern 70s’ style, ‘Sustainable Living’, ‘Curved Lines’, ‘Dopamine Decor’ and ‘Soft Outdoors’ into your interior. Get inspired by our tips and Angelique’s interior. That way, you can create an interior bursting with energy and colour.


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NL keuken aangekleed met zomertrends

5 tips from Angelique

Together with Angelique, we have gathered 5 tips to bring the summer vibes indoors. From bright posters and trendy fruit vases to colourful candles and a fresh fruit bowls with lemons – Angelique shows you step by step how to transform every room in your home into a summer oasis. This blog is packed with practical tips and beautiful photos of Angelique’s own interior.


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NL angelique schenkt water in

A summer makeover for every room

Want to bring summer into your home but don’t know how? In this blog, we give you lots of tips on how to give every room in your house a summer makeover. From the kitchen to the bedroom, you can feel the warmth of the sun radiating into every room with the right decoration and the right hanging systems from Artiteq.

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