Picture hanging on a sloped wall

Use a friendly hanging system

It is often thought that it isn’t possible to use a flexible picture hanging system in rooms that have sloping or slanted walls. Nothing is further from the truth! On a sloping wall, for example, in a stairwell, the rail is mounted similarly to when the ceiling is straight; that is because the wall doesn’t slope, the ceiling does. Because the weight of the frame can make the rail slide down, this has to be stopped at the side of the lowest point. This can be stopped by a wall or, for example, another rail.

Solid Slider Stopper Set

To hang frames, paintings or other wall decorations on an angled / sloped wall, the Solid Slider hanging wires and a Stopper Set are then used. These Solid Slider hanging wires are inserted from the side of the rail.

After installing the rail on the wall (against the sloping ceiling), the Solid Slider hanging wire and the Stopper are slid into the rail. The stopper is always lower than the Solid Slider (wire). The hanging wire (with the stopper next to the Solid Slider) can then be slid to the desired position in the rail. The stopper locks the wire by screwing the socket screw into the stopper. Hanging a painting on a sloped wall is equally possible and can be done in a solid and safe manner.

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    FLEXIBLEhang and move wall decorations quickly and easily

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    PRESERVATIONno more damaged walls

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    MULTIFUNCTIONALsuitable for a variety of wall decorations

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    STRONG & RELIABLElong life cycle (10 year warranty)