Image-stopper-set-slanting-walls afbeelding-set-schuine-stopper

4 kg/m

10 year warranty

Stopper set slanting walls

Picture hanging on slanting walls

Artiteq has designed a stopper especially for slanting walls. Pictures, frames and other wall decorations can then be hung on slanting walls, where they will hang securely and straight. You mount a flexible picture hanging system, such as the Click Rail, Up Rail or Top Rail on a slanting wall, for example, in a stairwell, similarly to when the ceiling is straight. Once the rail has been installed, you use the special Stopper Set Slanting Walls. This set contains a Solid Slider 2-mm perlon hanging wire with a length of 150 cm, a hook with a maximum carrying capacity of 4 kg and a slanting wall stopper. First of all, the Solid Slider hanging wire and the stopper are slid into the side of the rail. On the rail, the stopper will always be positioned lower than the Solid Slider hanging wire. The hanging wire (with the stopper next to the Solid Slider) can then be slid to the required position on the rail. The stopper locks the hanging wire by tightening the socket head screw in the stopper. Hanging a picture on a sloping wall is equally possible and can be done securely and safely.

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    FLEXIBLEhang and move wall decorations quickly and easily

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    MULTIFUNCTIONALsuitable for a variety of wall decorations

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    PRESERVATIONno more damaged walls

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    STRONG & RELIABLElong life cycle

Arrow Slide into the side of the rail

More about the Solid Slider

The Solid Slider slides into the side of the rail. It is available with a 2-mm perlon or steel hanging wire. The hanging wire may be freely positioned anywhere along the hanging rail, but it cannot be removed as easily. Hanging wires with the Solid Slider are available in lengths of 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 500 cm.