Loop Hanger

Quick and practical solution for hanging various items

The Loop Hanger mechanism, in combination with steel cable, offers a quick and practical solution for hanging up various items, not only advertising signage or an individual panel in a room, but also more industrial items such as cable ducts, pipes, recessed spotlights or even recessed ceiling islands. The Loop Hanger guarantees quick installation without the need to use any tools. In addition to its hanging function, the system is also ideal for securing or supporting items. The Loop Hanger is a hanging system that is extremely easy to use, the height may be adjusted in a single motion, and it is simple to disassemble. The steel cable can be inserted into the mechanism and blocked in two steps. It also offers countless options for hanging up any of your items. The Loop Hanger is available in two sets, including steel cable with a hook and loop connection. Looking for solutions for hanging or securing one or several items in a project setting? We would be happy to provide you with customised advice.

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    Flexiblehang and move quickly and easily

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    Mutifunctionalsuitable for a variety of wall decorations

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    Preservation of wallswall or ceiling mounting

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    User-Friendlyone time installation

Arrow With one loop you can hang everything!

Adjust in a single motion

Reliable, strong, flexible, a professional appearance… are all important elements that needs to be taken into account when hanging panels for signage and other purposes in an area. As a hanging specialist, Artiteq offers numerous solutions. Depending on the type of ceiling (construction materials used), many combinations are possible, with a wide choice depending on what is most suited to the interior or most suited to what is to be hung (in terms of the required strength).

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