Sales support

Sales and promotion of Artiteq products

We offer various tools to support the sales and promotion of Artiteq hanging systems. We have developed sales displays, counter displays and demonstration cases to help boost the sales of our products. View the product sheet with our complete sales support tools.

Are you already selling Artiteq products, and are you interested in our sales support solutions? Or are you considering starting as a reseller of our products? If so, contact us to discuss the possibilities. We are happy to help.


Are you interested in selling Artiteq products? Please contact us directly so that we can speak to you further about the possibilities. You can fill in the contact form or send an email directly to

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Artiteq brochures

Artiteq offers various brochures for information and inspiration about our products in a specific segment, such as the B2B market or education. In addition, for certain products specific product brochures are available to better explain this product.

Display Hanging Solutions Micro Grip

A practical and well-arranged display with a size of 50x34x212cm. The content of this display consists of a 2 meter or 4 meter Click Rail in white primer including Twister wires and  Micro Grip hooks and required mounting material, 1 meter Info Rail and 5 different type of accessory sets.

For more information, please contact us.

All-in-One kits

The Click Rail flexible picture hanging system is available in several all-in-one kits: Economy, Twister with hook 15 kg and Twister with hook Micro Grip 20 kg. These retail packages include hanging rail, mounting hardware and instruction sheet, hanging wires and hooks. The kits are available in 2-meter, 4-meter and/or 6-meter sets. The All-in-One kits offer a complete solution and are ready for immediate sale.

View our complete range of All-in-One kits

Demo boards & Desk Displays

Artiteq developed special demo boards in order to present the different types of hanging systems it in small spaces. Per type of rail there is a demo board available. The board has a size of 50x130cm.

If the showroom space is limited, you could choose the desk display. This small display can be placed on the counter. The size of the display is 40x21x8cm and is only available for the products Click Rail, Contour Rail and Info Rail.

For more information about these specific demo board and desk displays, please contact us.

Demo cases & sample kits

A demo case is ideal for while being on the road! The demo case consists of samples for all the Artiteq products which can be shown to the clients. The suitcase has a size of 58x40x12cm and consists of 3 sets of inlays including the samples. A separate inlay set with samples can be ordered additionally.

Specially for wall, ceiling and recessed hanging systems, Artiteq developed small sample kits.