Sign hanging systems – recessed ceiling

System ceiling clip for hanging from a recessed ceiling

Many business and commercial spaces as well as school buildings, for example, are equipped with drop (recessed) ceilings. Also for these types of ceilings there are neat and professional looking solutions for hanging signage, panels, prevention screens or other items using this System Ceiling clip. The System Ceiling Clip offers a reliable and also flexible way of hanging and prevents damage to ceiling tiles. The System Ceiling clip can be easily and quickly attached to the profile of a drop / recessed ceiling.

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    Drop ceiling clip for hanging from drop ceiling

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    Convenient solution versatile and functional

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    Versatilehanging displays, posters or other light items

A solution is available for anything that needs to be hung

Artiteq offers two types of System ceiling clips. One is equipped with a handy attachment eye to which a steel wire with hook can be attached. The other System Ceiling clip is used with steel wire, which is attached to the clip thanks to the self-locking function. Both types of System Ceiling clips then require an appropriate steel wire hook self-locking to hang the desired sign or panel.

Reliable, strong, flexible, a professional appearance… are all important elements that needs to be taken into account when hanging panels for signage and other purposes in an area. As a hanging specialist, Artiteq offers numerous solutions. Depending on the type of ceiling (construction materials used), many combinations are possible, with a wide choice depending on what is most suited to the interior or most suited to what is to be hung (in terms of the required strength).

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