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Hanging works of art securely and also being able to change these works easily and quickly is one of the requirements of museums and galleries. Picture hanging systems offer the solution: flexibility, ease of use and no damaged walls in the long term. As well as the assurance that works of art and other wall decorations can be hung securely, the systems offer a professional method of presentation. For rooms with walls and/or ceilings which may not or cannot be drilled into, Artiteq has solutions in the form of partition wall hooks and other solo hanging systems.

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Combi Rail Pro Light

The picture hanging system that illuminates paintings. This wall rail has a beautiful, neutral design making it easy to integrate in any room. Thanks to the movable fittings, it is possible to illuminate pictures and other wall decorations with optimal, high-quality lighting. In addition, you can easily change or move art and pictures as often as you like and without damaging the walls thanks to the flexible hanging system.

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Click Rail Pro

Click Rail Pro is a strong and reliable picture hanging system. You can trust this system to safely hang your art on the wall. The Click Rail Pro has a maximum load capacity of 50 kg/m. The rail is quick and easy to install thanks to the Click&Connect clips, and can be mounted on the wall, flush against the ceiling. It is possible to mount the rail in such a way that the sliders for the hanging wire may be subtly hidden behind the rail.

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Arrow max. 50kg/m

Classic Rail +

The Classic Rail+ is a picture hanging system for walls that has been specially developed for hanging heavier pictures and wall decorations. This hanging system is often used in galleries, at exhibitions and in museums. The hanging rail has an open, J-shaped design that makes it possible to hang a variety of rods equipped with rod hooks. This makes it extremely easy to hang or change art on the wall. The Classic Rail+ may be used for decorations weighing up to a maximum of 40 kg.

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Arrow up to 40 kg!
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    NO MORE DAMAGED WALLSOnce-only investment and assembly

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