Picture hanging systems

The picture rail is part of a total concept, the picture hanging system which, in addition to the rail, consists of hanging wires and hooks. All the Artiteq picture rails are made from a high-quality aluminium alloy that is either anodised or powder-coated. A picture rail may be mounted to the wall (flush against the ceiling or slightly below the ceiling), or to the ceiling itself. Depending on the type of rail, it is mounted to the wall using clips that are attached to the wall with screws and plugs. There are also rails that are mounted directly to the wall or ceiling using screws. Since it is either not possible or permitted to drill holes in some rooms, Artiteq offers a solution in the form of a hanging rail that may be glued in place.

Rails in every shape and size

Artiteq offers a broad range of hanging rails, taking into account the maximum weight a rail must be able to support, and the various interiors in which a rail will be used. Varying in functionality, design and type, this range of rails offers something for every user: from compact wall rails and rails to be integrated in a recessed ceiling to a lightweight rail system.