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The design of the walls changes regularly in education. Classes full of children, resulting in a mountain of beautiful decorations for all walls. The most ideal solution is the Artiteq Info Rail for displaying drawings and other documents on the wall in an organised manner. Many schools already use this useful hanging system in classrooms and corridors within the school building.  As well as the Info Rail, Artiteq also provides solutions for schools in the form of flexible picture hanging systems, allowing objects to be hung on the walls in a flexible and sustainable way. After all, particularly in the education sector, objects hanging on the wall tend to change frequently!  Artiteq also supplies schools with notice boards, glassboards, whiteboards and Bulletin Boards.

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DE Bildungswesen

Info rail

The Info Rail is the ideal display system for displaying drawings, cards and photos on the wall. This system means no more damaged walls from thumbtacks, tape and so on and changing drawings or posters is fast and easy. This hanging system has become particularly indispensable in classrooms and school corridors and provides an ideal showcase for children’s creations.  Available in lengths of 100, 200 and 300 cm and in white or aluminium, the Info Rail is easy to link to other Info Rails, and is easy to shorten. Check out the useful and handy accessories for the Info Rail such as the Me-clip and the Storage Clip.

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How schools experience the Artiteq hanging systems

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Twister Hook for in the classroom

Twister Hooks, designed by Artiteq, combined with one of the Artiteq hanging rails provide a perfect way of working flexibly with the cards used by schools to learn how to read. In classrooms with suspended ceilings, a Top Rail can be attached next to the ceiling. Another option is the Click Rail: a rail that is attached to the wall. The Twister Hook can easily be clicked anywhere on the rail and is simple to move around. The cards will be hanging in a jiffy. Now it’s just down to the children to learn how to read!

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Display systems

Schools, being in the business of educating and shaping the minds of future generations, are among the first to embrace technological advances, and aids such as interactive blackboards have become a fixture in many classrooms. Yet numerous schools still like to rely on more traditional tools such as bulletin boards and whiteboards alongside more high-tech classroom aids. Artiteq can also help you with any needs you may have in this department, as we can easily integrate these tools with our picture hanging systems in way that is both efficient and sustainable. As well as providing you with a practical and secure hanging system, this is also highly flexible, since the hanging wires can easily be moved inside the rail.

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