Info Rail concept

Hang drawings on the wall

Hang drawings, craft works, decorations and teaching materials on the wall. Lots of things are hung on the walls of schools to make the classrooms look nice, but this is also a great way of displaying practical and helpful information. This can be done beautifully and flexibly with the Artiteq Info Rail concept. A wall decoration concept which will not damage your walls and where the required flexibility is taken into account. A concept that is easy to use, fun and varied.

A long-term investment

The Info Rail concept is based on the Info Rail – a rail that requires once-only mounting to the wall that will not damage the walls over time. Where drawings and artwork can easily and quickly be changed. The Info Rail Concept is a long-term investment. In the education sector, wall decorations change regularly. The wall decorations give every room a character and functionality that suits the room. The flexible hanging systems allow everything to be hung in a way that fits with the character of the school and the building. With no damaged walls and with a focus on sustainable building management.

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    Focused on sustainable building management

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    Focused on sustainable building management

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    Multifunctional and safe

“The children loved seeing their creations hanging from the walls”, said Morgenster primary school, based in Sleeuwijk.
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“It would, of course, be such a shame to immediately damage the walls of a brand new building with nails and holes in the walls. This system negates the need to do that”, says CBS De Sleutel, based in Rotterdam.

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A showcase for children’s creations in schools

The Info Rail Concept offers three rail systems: Info Rail, Info Rail Magnetic and Info Rail +. The Info Rail and the Info Rail Magnetic are the same kind of rail system, though the Info Rail Magnetic also has a magnetic strip. The magnetic strip allows artwork to also be presented at the front of the rail. The Info Rail is available in different colours: white, aluminium (grey) and black.

The Info Rail + is a versatile display system. The Info Rail + allows drawings and other teaching materials to be displayed on the wall in a tidy manner, but also reading books or craft works made from, for example, cardboard or clay. Schoolbooks, reading books and craft works can be placed on the top of the 6-cm-wide shelf.

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NL schoolklas naamkaartje tekening
NL schoolboeken opruimen Info Rail plus door meisje

Extra expansion

The great accessories for use with the Info Rail and Info Rail Magnetic make the system even more versatile and fun. Pens, scissors, coloured pencils and markers can be stored neatly in the Storage Clip. This holder, designed specifically for the Info Rail, makes it easier for children to tidy up their things, or to find something they need.

The Support Clip allows reading books, flashcards or 3D craft works to easily be displayed and placed nicely. This 25-cm-long shelf is ideal for flashcards or books.

Make the children’s works of art or drawings even more personal with the me-clip. This clip is attached to the Info Rail wherever you please and the child’s name, the month or even the season can be added. The content of the clip can easily be changed.

The Clip Hanger is ideal for headphones, ear defenders or works of art! This hook can be clicked onto the Info Rail wherever you please.

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