EN Info Rail on wall in classroom filled with drawings

A showcase for childeren’s creations in schools

Published by ”Schools and building the future of primary education‘, written by Mariëlle Wijffelaars

Cheerful, attractive, sleek and easy to use. Thea Verbeek – Coordinator of Superstructure at the De Morgenster Primary School in Sleeuwijk – is still delighted every day with the purchase of Info Rail, produced by Artiteq. The hanging system allows the creations of teachers and children to be hung up without daredevil feats being required.


When De Morgenster moved into new premises, the interior was also revamped. Coordinator of Superstructure, Verbeek, looked for a system for hanging the students’ creations. She thought it was especially important that the system as a whole would look sleek and that this wouldn’t become a mishmash. “I requested various quotations and brochures,” Verbeek said. “Artiteq responded faster than other companies and the information that I received was comprehensive and in-depth.” When the company suggested it could come and take a look around to discuss a few options, Verbeek was actually already sold. “That shows good entrepreneurship and a genuine interest.”

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EN Info Rail filled with children's drawings in school corridor


Coincidentally, Verbeek’s colleagues had already become acquainted with Info Rail during an Education trade show. “The Artiteq team recalled that they had met staff from our school. We had a good look around and we found a length of Info Rail. That made us even more eager, it is a great product.”

De Morgenster decided to start with the hanging system in the preschool classrooms, groups 1 and 2. The teachers hung up the toddlers’ craft projects and drawings. Verbeek: “The children loved seeing their creations hanging from the walls. We liked the system so much that we ordered even more Info Rail to be used in the middle and upper schools”. The upper years’ students have learning spaces, where they can work on projects independently. Teachers and students hang their work in these areas.

EN Info Rail filled with lesson cards on wall in classroom
EN Info Rail on wall filled with children's drawings


The school particularly loves the way in which the Info Rail is mounted to the walls. The rail is mounted firmly to the wall using the clips and, according to Verbeek, it is also very easy to extend the hanging system. The accompanying Me Clips have also been a great success at De Morgenster. The students’ names, or the subject matter can be written on these clips. “This was, of course, lovely for the parents to see on our open day,” Verbeek explains. “The reactions were very positive; these give the learning spaces a welcoming appearance, but it is particularly nice to be able to showcase all the beautiful work produced by our students clearly and effectively”. But De Morgenster isn’t only happy with the hanging system; the school is also particularly happy with the guidance and advice it received from Artiteq. Verbeek: “The last order was slightly delayed as things were so busy. We were kept well informed and were notified about every step. Also, if we had any questions, the company responded immediately and appropriately. We are incredibly enthusiastic about Artiteq and we also recommend Info Rail to other schools”.


Artiteq has been designing, developing and producing hanging systems since 1995. The idea behind Info Rail is that, once mounted to the wall, it provides an ideal system for the display of drawings and documents over a long period of time. Drawings can simply be slid into the rail (these are clamped by the rubber strip in the rail) and can easily be removed again. And this can be done without damaging the wall.

Info Rail is available in white or aluminium, in lengths of 50 cm, 1, 2, and 3 metres. The rail can be expanded using the connectors; a customised version is also an option. Artiteq also offers other hanging systems and solutions for educational settings, such as picture hanging systems and whiteboards.


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