Hanging plates on the wall

How do I hang plates on the wall with a picture hanging system?

How lovely it is to see a few beautiful decorative plates on the wall! Hanging plates really doesn’t have to be difficult. And definitely not when you want to hang your plates with a picture hanging system. Artiteq offers 3 options for hanging a plate beautifully and securely on the wall, using its picture hanging system. The main advantage of using a picture hanging system is that your walls remain intact and it offers flexibility in terms of where and how high or low you wish to hang the plate. Below are 3 options for hanging plates on your wall.

Use the plate hanger

Artiteq’s plate hangers  are designed especially for hanging plates on the wall. Simply attach the plate hanger across the centre of the rear of the plate. Make sure that the end of the plate hanger clamps the plate properly. The silicone caps at the ends of the plate hanger prevent damage to the plate and stop the plate from slipping. The Artiteq plate hangers are suitable for plates with a diameter of between 16 – 24 cm and have a maximum weight carrying capacity of 1 kg.

Click the Artiteq hanging wire in the required position in the hanging rail and attach the hook to the hanging wire at the required height. Then attach the hook to the plate hanger. Either cut off the excess hanging wire or roll this up and attach it behind the plate. This will stop the plate from tilting.


Use a tile hanger or Dibond hanger

If a plate hanger does not fit around the plate, a Tile hanger or a Dibond hanger can be used instead. The tile hanger and Dibond hanger are designed for hanging tiles or small wall plates. Both hangers have an adhesive layer and are stuck on the back of the plate or tile. It is important to thoroughly degrease beforehand the area where the tile hanger or the Dibond hanger will be placed. The weight carrying capacity of the tile hanger and the Dibond hanger is different to that of a plate hanger, therefore  check the weight carrying capacity before hanging anything.