Hanging frames

Hanging frames on the wall quickly and easily

If you are looking for a durable solution to safely hang your frames on the wall, the Artiteq picture hanging system is an excellent choice for the long term. This system consists of a rail, which is easily mounted on your wall or ceiling, hanging wires and hooks. Mounting the rail is a simple process. Using clips, you attach the rail securely to the wall. The rail can be ceiling mounted.

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Easy sliding and changing

One of the biggest advantages of the Artiteq picture hanging system is that the hanging wires can be easily clicked or slid into the rail. This allows you to always hang your frames in the rail at any desired location. This gives you complete freedom to position your wall decorations exactly as you want. In addition, the Artiteq picture hanging system ensures safe and stable mounting of your frames. The transparent hanging wires and corresponding hooks are of high quality and can support a considerable weight.

Using a picture hanging system also offers practical advantages. When you choose to hang your frames this way, you can easily move or change them without leaving any holes in the wall. This is especially convenient if you want to change your interior regularly or add new works of art to your collection.

The Artiteq picture hanging system is not only suitable for hanging frames, but can also be used for other types of wall decorations, such as mirrors, photos, paintings, plants and posters. This allows you to use the system for different purposes in your home or office.

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    Flexibleeasy and quick to hang and replace

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    Preservation of walls no more damaged walls

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    Multifunctional suitable for various wall decorations

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    Strong and reliable long service life