Hanging plants

Hanging plants without drilling
NL keuken kruidenplanten aan muur

Have you always dreamed of having a green urban jungle in your home, but are reluctant to drill holes in the wall? No worries! With the Artiteq picture hanging system you can easily hang plants, herbs and flowers without damaging your wall. Easy to hang and move or combine with frames, paintings and other wall decorations. Curious? Read on quickly.

NL keuken kruidenplanten aan muur

Using a picture hanging system offers many advantages when it comes to hanging plants (but also frames, paintings and other wall decorations). Think of no more (drilling) holes or paint coming off the wall if you use a sticky nail, easy hanging at the desired place and height on your wall, at all times easy to hang, move and/or change.

Hanging plants with a macramé plant hanger

For hanging plants, the Loop Maker and Twister Hook are two handy accessories for the picture hanging system. They allow you to easily and quickly attach macramé plant hangers to the wall. The Loop Maker is a handy accessory that allows you to make loops to which you can then hang your plant hangers. Set the right height for the ‘loop’ and twist the twister head in the desired spot in the rail.

The Twister Hook is a small hook that you attach to the rail with a twist in the desired location. All you have to do now is attach the plant hanger to it.

NL witte muur hangplanten zomers roze
NL gele vaas met narcissen aan muur

Vertical urban jungle

Would you like to create a vertical urban jungle in your home? Choose the Botaniq hanging flower pot. This specially designed hanging flower pot for the Artiteq picture hanging system is adjustable in height and can be hung at any desired location along the entire length of the picture hanging system. Create a unique composition by hanging several Botaniq hanging flower pots and combining this with macramé plant hangers hung on the Twister Hook or Loop Maker. This creates a beautiful green wall that provides a fresh and vibrant look in your home.

NL witte muur hangplanten schilderij
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