10 year warranty

Twister Hook

Replaces the suspension wire and hook as one

The Twister Hook replaces the hanging wire and hook completely. This plastic hook offers an inexpensive and practical solution for hanging lightweight panels, artwork or, for example, string lights for decorative purposes, in combination with a picture hanging system.

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    Flexiblehang and move quickly and easily

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    Mutifunctionalsuitable for a variety of wall decorations

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    Preservation of wallswall or ceiling mounting

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    User-Friendlyone time installation

For in the classroom

The Twister Hook is oftenly used in the classrooms. It is a perfect way of working flexibly with the cards used by schools to learn how to read. In classrooms with suspended ceilings, a Top Rail can be attached next to the ceiling. Another option is the Click Rail: a rail that is attached to the wall. The Twister Hook can easily be clicked anywhere on the rail and is simple to move around. The cards will be hanging in a jiffy. Now it’s just down to the children to learn how to read!