Picture Mouse (Solo)

An original way to hang up your cards and photos

Picture Mouse Solo is a handy and original hanging cord for hanging several documents at the same time, such as displaying cards, for example. It is a hanging system that makes practical use of the walls in a room. Thanks to the transparent Picture Clips, it is easy to attach photos, cards and other documents to the steel cord. Magnets also naturally work with the Picture Mouse cord, as an alternative to the clips. Not only is this an original way to display Christmas cards, birth announcements or birthday cards, the Picture Mouse Solo is also a practical alternative to a picture frame hung on the wall since you can display several photos one under the other. Great for children’s bedrooms or kitchens.

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    Flexibleoriginal way to present cards and photos

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    magneticchange pictures easily with the magnets

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    multifunctionalusable in combination with a hanging system or by itself

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    warranty10 years

NL picture mouse aan de wand in de hal
Arrow an original way to hang up your cards and photos

On the wall or in combination with a hanging rail

The Picture Mouse Solo system is easy to install. Attach the round button to the wall, and then just hang the steel Picture Mouse cord from the button. Already using a hanging rail? If so, the Picture Mouse cord is really easy to click anywhere you like on the rail. The Picture Mouse may be used with all our picture hanging systems.

Specially made for the Picture Mouse are the Mouse Magnets. These small magnets in the vorm of a mouse are available in different colours or white and finish the presentation!