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Using picture hanging systems when fitting out offices means helping users and end users to think through solutions. Offering ease of use and flexibility when hanging objects on the walls after completion of a new building or following a renovation, is appreciated. Furthermore, walls are not damaged, even when wall decorations are changed frequently. Artiteq also helps to provide presentation media, such as whiteboards, notice boards and glassboards and helps customers to think through tailor-made solutions. You can also contact Artiteq about hanging objects on partition walls, in open spaces or about the provision of whiteboard films for interior projects.

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Picture hanging systems

Artiteq offers a wide solution regarding picture hanging systems, depending on the way it can be mounted, design and functionality. The Countour Rail is a sleek and beautiful designed and compact hanging rail. Looking for a rail that can be mounted directly on the wall near the ceiling, then the Click Rail has lots to offer. The Deco rail is mounted behind a cornice, but still providing the advantages of a hanging rail system. The Combi Rail Pro light is used when wanting to iluminate the painting at the same time.

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Display systems

Display systems are unthinkable in an office these days. Artiteq can help you with these more traditional tools such as bulletin boards, whiteboards and glassboards. The advantage is that these can easily be integrated with our picture hanging systems in way that is both efficient and sustainable. As well as providing you with a practical and secure hanging system, this is also highly flexible, since the hanging wires can easily be moved inside the rail.

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