Simple frame hanging

A fun arrangement of different frames on your wall

An unusual picture, precious photos or funny prints – they deserve a special place on the wall! But how do you tackle that? Can you hang a fun arrangement of different frames and prints using a picture hanging system? You certainly can! These tips will result in a beautiful arrangement on the wall in no time. And you can simply change and style your display as often as you please.


Not every picture hanging system is the same. Depending on the style of your interior, but also your requirements in terms of hanging, you decide which picture hanging system best suits your needs. The Click Rail is unfussy and timeless. The White Primer version of the rail can be repainted if you wish. The Contour Rail is the slender lady of the rail systems and is mounted 15 mm from the ceiling. If you prefer the rail to be mounted flush to the ceiling, this can be glued to the wall. The Deco Rail is hidden behind a cornice of your choice. This adds a beautiful finish to a 1930s interior or house. For rooms with walls that may not be drilled into, choose the Up Rail, the ceiling rail par excellence! The rounded shape of the rail means this fits discretely and unobtrusively against the wall.


Hang frames of different sizes together on a wall, from small to large. The combination of several sizes together forms a fun ensemble. Choose a shape that repeats or select a certain material for the frame, for a tranquil appearance. Choose colours that complement one another or mix just black and white frames. Tip: add a different type of wall decoration, such as a beautiful plate or tile.


You no longer have to place the frames on the table beforehand or stick appropriately sized sheets of paper to your wall to decide on the correct positioning. A picture hanging system allows you to decide on and change the positioning as you go along. Simply twist the wires into the rail and move them to the required position. Then attach the hook to the wire and adjust this to the required height. The frame or picture can be hung on the hook beforehand to decide on the correct height and position. Simply slide the wire into the rail and that’s it! Your fun arrangement is hanging on the wall!