A picture hanging system?

As a specialist in hanging systems, we develop flexible hanging systems for pictures and other wall decorations. A picture hanging system consists of a hanging rail with hanging wires and hooks. There are many ways to hang art and decorate your walls. Artiteq guarantees a safe yet also flexible way to hang pictures and wall decorations. We sell hanging systems for mounting to the ceiling and on the wall. We offer many possibilities in this regard; in addition to the standard rail systems, we also sell a rail with integrated picture lighting, a rail that includes cornices, and rail systems that may be completely hidden in recessed ceilings.

More than just hanging pictures

Decorating walls, however, involves more than just hanging pictures and wall decorations. As a specialist in this area, we offer solutions for a variety of hanging needs. In addition to picture hanging systems and the related accessories, we develop display systems. These are hanging systems that are designed to display information in the form of documents (such as posters, photos and drawings). Our separate (solo) hanging systems (which don’t use rails) offer solutions for a variety of hanging situations.

Wall systems

Picture hanging systems with wall-mounted rails
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Ceiling systems

Picture hanging systems with ceiling-mounted rails
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Hanging wires and hooks

Hanging wires and hooks for picture hanging systems
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Display systems

Hanging systems for the display of information, documents and images
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Solo hanging systems

Hanging systems which don’t use a hanging rail
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Frames and frame accessories

Solutions for hanging frames
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Specialist in hanging systems since 1995

Artiteq has been creating, developing and producing hanging concepts since 1995, and is located in Tilburg, in the Netherlands. Design, quality, flexibility, user-friendliness, service and value-for-money are the key words we apply in the development of our hanging systems. It is also important to respond to trends and take into account consumers’ growing interest in their living environments.

Artiteq has in-house product development and quality control capabilities. In designing and producing our hanging systems, we aim to achieve the highest level of quality, and place a high priority on the environment and sustainability issues. We apply care and precision in guaranteeing the safety of our products through extensive quality control procedures.

Artiteq hanging systems are sold for projects and corporate use, and our hanging system for pictures is also sold as a ready-to-use hanging concept for home use. This is not limited to the country in which we are based, the Netherlands; Artiteq products are sold worldwide, in more than 60 countries.

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