Invisible hanging system

Invisible hanging system for Plexiglass, Forex or Dibond panels

You can hang printed panels with a smooth surface, such as Forex, Plexiglass and Dibond on the wall using a strong (aluminium) invisible hanging system. Artiteq offers such a reliable invisible hanging system which is attached to the back of the panel. It is therefore invisible. Read more about the invisible hanging system for Plexiglass, invisible hanging system for Forex and invisible hanging system for Dibond.

What is an invisible hanging system?

An invisible hanging system means that the hanging system cannot be seen at the front of the panel that is hung. The panel hangs flush against the wall. Depth and shadow are created between the panel and wall, which appears to bring the panel to life. You create a 3D effect.

What invisible hanging systems are available?

Depending on the size of the panel that is hung on the wall, there is a Dibond Hanger or Back Frame Hanging System. The Dibond Hanger is an invisible hanging system that is mounted every 50 cm at the back of the panel. For larger, heavier panels, it is advisable to attach the Back Frame Hanging System hanging frame at the back of the panel. Both systems are invisible hanging systems.

What is the invisible hanging system Dibond Hanger?

The Dibond Hanger is a self-adhesive hook made of galvanised steel which can be affixed to the back of a Dibond, Forex or Plexiglass panel. The size of the Dibond Hanger to be used depends on the weight and size of the panel to be hung. The Dibond Hangers are available in 4 different sizes.

How do you mount the invisible hanging system Dibond hanger?

The area at the back of the panel where the Dibond Hanger will be placed, must be thoroughly degreased beforehand. Alcohol can be used to degrease the panel. Once the area has been degreased, allow it to dry for a short while. Then stick the Dibond Hanger in the degreased area and leave to adhere for 72 hours. Placing weight on the hanger will help this to adhere.

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    Invisible hanging systemfor Forex, Dibond or Plexiglas

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    Mounting at the back of the panelcreates depth and shadow

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    Large printed panelssecure and solid hanging system

What is the invisible hanging system Back Frame Hanging System?

The invisible hanging system Back Frame Hanging System is a hanging frame that is mounted to the back of a panel. The square aluminium frame has 4 corner pieces, known as Power Corners. Wall protection is incorporated into these Power Corners, which allows panels that have already been mounted to easily be levelled (correction up to 6 mm). These corner pieces allow the panel to be hung in 3 different ways: fixed, secured and flexible (with a picture hanging system). No other accessories are required to hang the panel on the wall.

The Back Frame Hanging System invisible hanging system is available with a profile depth of 8 or 15 mm in a blank aluminium or silver anodised finish. We recommend a profile depth of 15 mm for Forex and Acrylic panels to give the panel more strength and rigidity.

How do you mount the invisible hanging system Back Frame Hanging System?

Please note that the frame of the invisible hanging system must be 10 cm smaller than the panel on all sides. Stick the aluminium profile to the panel using 3M double-sided tape. Degrease the panel beforehand. After sticking, place a weight on the panel and profile and leave to adhere for 60 minutes. Artwork can now be hung using an invisible hanging system in one of the three aforementioned ways: fixed, secured or flexible. The aluminium frame is suitable for Forex, Plexiglass and Dibond.