1 kg/m

10 year warranty

Dibond hanger

For hanging Dibond, Forex and glass panels.

The Dibond Hanger is a self-adhesive hook made of galvanized steel. It is attached to the back of a dibond, forex or plexiglass panel for hanging. It is an accessory for behind a panel. Available in a few sizes: 45x45mm, 70x70mm 100x100mm and 100x200mm. Depending on the weight of the panel, it is determined which size of dibond hanger to use. Two Dibond hangers may need to be used depending on the size of the panel and its weight. Read the tips and advice below.

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    Frame accessory for behind a panelDibond, Forex and glass

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    Various formats available1 to 8 kg

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    In combination with a picture hanging systemFlexible hanging on the wall


Dibond hanging system

Depending on the weight and size of the desired panel, it is determined what size Dibond hanger should be used. And whether two Dibond hangers should be used for safe and straight hanging of the panel.

45x45mm > max weight 1kg
70x70mm > max weight 2kg
100x100mm > max weight 4kg
100x200mm > max weight 8kg

Before using the Dibond hanger, it is important to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Make sure that the place where the Dibond hanger will be placed on the panel is free of grease. The panel can be made grease-free with alcohol. After cleaning the panel, allow the area to dry.
Step 2: Stick the Dibond hanger on the just degreased spot on the back of the panel.
Step 3: place a weight on the Dibond hanger and let it rest for 72 hours.

Now the panel can be hung on the Dibond hanger. The Dibond hangers can be used in combination with our picture hanging systems so that walls remain undamaged.