Artiteq Back Frame Hanging System

A safe and solid solution for hanging printed panels

The Artiteq Back Frame Hanging System is a blind hanging system specially designed for thin and flexible wall panels made of aluminum (Dibond), Forex or Plexiglas. The frames are attached to the back of the wall panel and therefore cannot be seen from the front. It makes the chosen sheet material / wall panel more solid and offers easy and safe mounting. Thanks to the special corners, the Power Corners, already mounted panels can be easily be hung level (correction up to 6 mm). There is a choice of a sturdy 8mm or 15mm aluminum frame. The wall panel can be hung on the wall in 3 different ways with the Artiteq Back Frame Hanging System. Read the 3 possibilities below.

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    Wall protection incorporatedRigid fixing thanks to steel spring

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    Less tape, better load capacityEqual weight distribution

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    3 easy hanging waysFixed, secured and flexible

Arrow secured option

Easy hanging - 3 easy ways of hanging the printed panel

The special developed Power Corners used in the Artiteq Back Frame Hanging System provide 3 easy ways for hanging the printed panel: fixed, secured and flexible. No extra accessories are needed thanks to the Power Corners.

Easy hanging – fixed

The Power Corners include a levelling system for the mounted panel, enabling accurate hanging without new holes having to be drilled. Power Corners come with an easy drilling tool, which indicates the precise positioning of the drill holes.

Easy hanging – secured 

The panel can be fixed and secured to the wall using 4 Security Clips. The frame hangs from the upper two Security Clips and the two lower Clips, once rotated using the Security Key, lock the frame into place.

Easy hanging – flexible

Combining the Artiteq Back Frame Hanging System with a picture hanging system means flexibility and ease-to-use whilst adding decoration to walls. The hanging wire is inserted into the Power Corner and picture hooks are placed in the lower Power Corners to minimise tilting. To eliminate tilting altogether, we recommend using the Flex Bumpers that will add more or less depth and stabilise the frame against the wall.