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When designing offices following a new-build project, or after renovation, it is important to think a couple of steps ahead. What properties must the room have and how do we make that room practical and stylish? How can whiteboards, notice boards and pieces of art be hung from walls, without damaging them? This starts with the right knowledge and choice.


The design of a new office will only be successful when the (end) user has a pleasant feeling when working there. How can that be achieved? By ensuring that the user’s needs are fully met. It sounds simple and it is simple! It is a huge advantage when an office is designed in such a way that flexibility and ease are created for the (end) user.

A good hanging system is essential for displaying art and giving rooms a stylish look. A system isn’t just about hanging: a professional system brings the place to life, whilst the system itself remains subtly in the background. It provides the opportunity to very easily create a different setting and therefore a new experience.

The thing that makes a hanging system so interesting for organisations and companies is that it fits perfectly in the strategy of sustainable building management. The one-time investment in a hanging system yields many benefits. Consider the ease, the safety and the flexibility when changing content and more important still: the preservation of walls because they will no longer be damaged.

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Before a decision can be made about the type of hanging system, it must be ascertained whether the rails can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. If the building is undergoing renovation with existing walls and ceilings, the Click Rail or Top Rail hanging system is a good solution. In this case, the Click Rail is mounted to the wall against the ceiling. Special rails are available for a recessed ceiling, such as the Top Rail, which is attached to the edging slat.

In new building projects, there are several solutions that fit in with the thinking behind sustainable building management; these solutions are integrated picture hanging systems. The integrated picture hanging systems are incorporated at the same time that walls and ceilings are installed. Choosing integrated hanging systems offers significant long-term benefits to the end user: ease of use, flexibility and no damaged walls. An integrated system helps to create a very calm and professional appearance.


It is also important to determine the weight of decorations to be hung from the walls. Depending on the weight, the rails and hanging wires and hooks with the correct weight capacity must be used. Either steel wire or perlon (transparent) hanging wires can be chosen, with a thickness of 1 or 2 mm. The advantage of perlon hanging wires is that these are almost invisible, so it is not obvious that pictures are hanging on a wire.

Depending on the weight of a frame, picture or wall decoration to be hung on the wall, an appropriate hanging hook can be chosen. The range of hanging hooks comprises hooks varying from a maximum bearing capacity of 4 to 20 kg. For example, there are patented auto-grip hooks and hooks requiring manual tightening on the wire. The maximum weight carrying capacity of a hook is only guaranteed if the frame/canvas is hung correctly from the hook.

The weight of the frame, picture or wall decoration determines the choice of hook and wire, in combination with the maximum weight carrying capacity of one metre of the rail. The Click Rail has a maximum weight carrying capacity of 30 kg per metre. The Click Rail Pro even has a capacity of 50 kg per metre. For the Top Rail and other picture hanging systems, this is 20 kg per metre.

A frame or picture will always hang more steadily if 2 hanging wires and 2 hanging hooks are used. A frame can, of course, also be hung with a single hanging wire.

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NL gang schoolgebouw schilderijen aan wand
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