Picture hooks

A wide variety of hooks

Artiteq offers a wide variety of hooks, developed to use in combination with hanging wires and picture hanging systems. Taking into account several criteria such as weight, ease-of-use, choice of material and security. The Artiteq range of hooks comprises products that can handle weights varying between 4 kg and 20 kg per hook. The size of a picture or wall decoration determines the weight . In practice, most wall decorations weigh less than 10kg.

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    Strong maximum carrying capacity 20 kg

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    ReliableMicro Grip: TÜV-certified

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    User friendly

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    Warranty10 years

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A selection of Artiteq's hooks

For the most stable suspension of a frame, it is recommended to use two suspension wires with two hooks. The maximum weight of the frame is then two times more. Putting up a frame can of course be done with a single suspension wire. You can choose the hook based on the maximum capacity, the material or ease of use. We offer hooks with a patented auto grip system or hooks that need to be hand tightened on the wire. View the animation for a clear explanation.

The Micro Grip represents the newest generation of hooks. For more information about this Artiteq patented hook please read here.

The Loop Maker offers a solution for suspending objects that cannot use a hook. The possibility to make a loop with the perlon 2 mm hanging wire, offers a solution for hanging much more than just a picture frame!

The Twister Hook replaces the hanging wire and hook completely. This hook is an offordable solution to hang panels in combination with a picture hanging system.