Hanging systems as a teaching aid

New school building, CBS De Sleutel primary school in Rotterdam

Inspiration business

A primary school is, of course, not complete without children’s drawings, posters and maps or alphabet charts on the walls. But those loose sheets often make classrooms look messy, which isn’t conducive to the appearance or concentration of students. An Artiteq hanging system helps prevent the build up of clutter and reduces repair costs, but still allows schools to hang craft projects and teaching materials.

“The system really is very simple, we can change anything as we please”

In January, CBS De Sleutel primary school in Rotterdam moved into a new school building; a perfect opportunity to decide on a picture hanging system in the classrooms. “We requested information from various companies and Artiteq’s products immediately caught our eye”, says assistant principal Shanti Dewki-Chedi at CBS De Sleutel. “The company helped us to think through the possibilities, viewed all rooms and gave us advice. They understood what we had in mind.” The Rotterdam-based primary school opted for two different systems. In the offices, including the principal’s office, a system was installed that was attached to the ceiling. This Top Rail ceiling system allows flexible wall decoration. “We mainly use this for hanging pictures. The advantage is that we don’t have to drill into the walls, which saves a lot of hassle. The system really is very simple, we can change anything as we please”, says Dewki-Chedi. “It would, of course, be such a shame to immediately damage the walls of a brand new building with nails and holes in the walls. This system negates the need to do that.”

Calm appearance

A hanging system has also been installed in the classrooms; we opted for the Info Rail display system. This system is attached to the wall using Click&Connect clips. The clips are fixed to the wall using plugs and screws. The rail can easily be clicked onto the clips, meaning this fits flush against the wall. “Large numbers of pictures mainly hang on the classroom walls. For example in group 3, word charts and in higher groups, maps of the world”, says the assistant principal of CBS De Sleutel. “The lessons and themes change regularly, of course, but this system allows the pictures to easily be changed accordingly.” Craft works and drawings are, of course, also displayed on the walls. According to Dewki-Chedi, before the new system was installed the walls could look quite messy. “And that wasn’t in keeping with a modern, new school building”, she believes. “We now keep the walls nice and unfussy. That also helps our students to concentrate. A messy environment distracts the children, but a calm environment rubs off on them.” “The most important thing for CBS De Sleutel is that the school looks neat and tidy.” Dewki-Chedi is also happy with Artiteq’s services. “The reactions of both the team and the students have been very positive. It is now really easy to hang things without the hassle of tape, thumbtacks or nails. We really love the system.”

Customised hanging systems

Artiteq has been designing, developing and producing hanging systems since 1995. The company offers a whole range of hanging systems for the education sector, such as picture hanging systems, display systems and the ability to hang whiteboards and bulletin boards neatly and securely. The aim is always to ensure that the system is user friendly, that it looks nice and neat and to provide good service. In the education sector, the design of the walls changes regularly. Classes full of children result in a mountain of beautiful decorations for all walls and partitions. These can be displayed beautifully using the Info Rail. A perfect solution for displaying drawings, works of art and other documents on the wall in an organised manner. A beautiful sight and it also prevents damage to the walls of the building. As well as the Info Rail, Artiteq also provides solutions for schools in the form of flexible systems, allowing objects to be hung on the walls in a flexible and sustainable way. Artiteq also offers systems for healthcare establishments, offices and museums.