EN Micro Grip hook used on wooden frame

10 year warranty

Micro Grip

Simple adjustable hook loads up to 20 kilos

To hang frames, paintings and other wall decorations on a painting suspension system, a suspension wire with a suspension hook is required. Artiteq offers a wide range of hanging hooks; with autogrip or manual function. The Micro Grip hook represents the latest generation of hooks. The range of Micro Grip hooks consists of 3 different hooks: the Micro Grip 1 mm (only applicable on the Artiteq 1 mm thick suspension wires), Micro Grip 2 mm and Micro Grip Lock 2 mm. The Micro Grip hooks have an autogrip function, which means that you do not need to secure the hook to the suspension wire at the desired height. Adjusting the hook on the suspension wire is quick and easy. The Micro Grip 1 mm works with the Artiteq Twister 1 mm suspension wires in perlon and steel wire. All Twister 2 mm, Twister Cliq2Fix 2 mm and Solid Slider 2 mm can be used with the Micro Grip 2 mm and Micro Grip Lock 2 mm. The Micro Grip 2 mm and Micro Grip Lock 2 mm is loadable up to 20 kilograms. The Micro Grip 1 mm is loadable up to 10 kilograms.

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    Hanging heavier artworkload capacity up to 20 kilograms

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    Hook with autogrip functioneasily adjustable on hanging wire

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    Newest generation of hooksMicro Grip 1 mm, Micro Grip 2 mm and Micro Grip Lock 2 mm.

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The Micro Grip stands for quality!

High quality plastic reinforced with fiberglass was chosen for the Micro Grip hooks, which resulted in 70% less material consumption compared to previous generations of hooks. In addition to the ecological benefits of this, this gives the hook an extremely light weight and optimal ease of use. The Micro Grip technology has been developed and patented by Artiteq. The Micro Grip hooks are TÜV certified.

Click here for the Micro Grip instruction manual.