NL keuken aangekleed met zomertrends


Discover the latest summer wall decoration trends with Artiteq

Tips & inspiration

It is summer! And that means it’s time to refresh your interior with the latest trends. This summer is all about mixing styles, durability, and bringing the pretty summer colours and scents indoors. With Artiteq’s hanging systems, you can easily and flexibly decorate and adapt your walls to this summer’s trends! Let’s dive in! These are the home decoration trends for this summer.

NL roze wand met gekleurde posters in lijsten aan de wand
NL detailshot van hoe lijsten opgehangen zijn met het schilderij ophangsysteem van Artiteq
NL customized Botaniq hangbloempot in het roze aan een roze muur


The 70s are back, but with a modern twist. Think warm earthy tones, bold geometric patterns and a touch of nostalgia. Use Artiteq’s Click Rail to easily hang your retro artworks and vintage posters. Choose prints with retro patterns or abstract shapes and combine them with warm colours like orange, brown and yellow. Add a macramé tapestry for that real 70s vibe. Bring the outside in by using plants in macramé pendants and combining them with retro floral prints.

Tips to apply this trend easily and quickly:
– Mix and match different frames for a playful effect.
– Use the Picture Mouse to hang small retro cards and photos without damaging your wall.
– Add hanging plants in retro pots to bring nature inside. Or use the Botaniq to hang your favourite plant on the wall.

NL retro behang aan de muur met een moderne poster en een hangplantje opgehangen aan de wand
NL roest oranje bank met een retro kussentje, aan de wand hangt een moderne poster van een vrouw
NL keuken met warme tinten die een retro gevoel geven


Sustainability is not just a trend, it is a lifestyle. This summer, it is all about natural materials and eco-friendly decoration. With Artiteq’s Twister Hook, you can easily hang wall decorations such as recycled artworks or photos on recycled paper. Choose natural tones such as green, beige and wood colours. Add plants to your walls with the Botaniq hanging flower pot for a fresh, green look. Bring nature inside by using recycled materials and live plants.

Thrift shop happiness: Treasure hunting and stylish decorating
Another way to embrace sustainability is to find thrift store happiness. Visit local thrift shops and vintage markets to discover unique and sustainable decorating pieces. Old frames, paintings and even handmade artwork can be given new life in your interiors. With Artiteq’s Loop Maker, you can easily hang these treasures without damaging your walls. Combine second-hand finds with new, durable items for an eclectic and personal touch. Finding treasures in thrift shops is not only eco-friendly, but also a fun and inspiring way to decorate your home.

Tips to apply this trend easily and quickly:
– Use the Loop Maker to hang baskets of recycled materials or handmade artwork.
– Create a vertical garden with different types of plants for a vibrant and sustainable statement.
– Add natural elements such as branches and flowers for a soothing, green environment. Use old frames to display new artwork or photos.
– Hang vintage posters or artworks with the Click Rail for a stylish presentation.

NL roze wand met daaraan een gerecyclede spiegel en een kunstwerk
NL mandje met hangplant opgehangen met de Loop Maker van Artiteq
NL gebokt behang aan de wand met daarop gehangen een Botaniq hangbloempot en een smiley poster


Soft, curved lines are all the rage this summer. This trend brings elegance and tranquillity to your interior. Use Artiteq’s Deco Rail to hang artworks with flowing, organic shapes. The decorative cove frame gives it an organic look and feel. Choose paintings with round shapes, circles and arcs. These soft lines create a calming atmosphere and are perfect for modern interiors. Bring the colours of the outside in by using earth tones or organic fruit vases.

Tips to apply this trend easily and quickly:
– Choose organic mirrors and hang them at different heights for a playful effect.
– Combine different works of art with curved lines to create a harmonious whole.
– Use natural materials such as wood and stone in your decoration to create an outdoor feel.

NL kinderkamer met gele muur en organische vormen kinderposters aan de wand
NL doorkijkje naar de gang waar organische spiegels aan de wand hangen
NL muur met behang waaraan een tekening hangt in organische vorm


Bring life to your interiors with the trend ‘Dopamine Decor’. Dopamine Decor is an extension of the Fashion Trend ‘Dopamine Dressing’. Using bright and cheerful colours in your interior gives you an instant shot of dopamine (the happiness hormone). And who doesn’t want that? Nobody! So, use vibrant colours and bold combinations to make your wall a real eye-catcher and get your daily shot of dopamine. With Artiteq’s Click Rail Pro, you can easily hang heavy artworks and colourful paintings. Choose bright colours such as red, blue, green and yellow. Mix abstract art with colourful pictures for a dynamic and cheerful effect. Bring the outside in by using colourful floral prints and nature-inspired motifs.

Tips to apply this trend easily and quickly:
– Create a Gallery Wall with a mix of colourful frames and artwork.
– Add colourful flowers and botanical prints to bring your walls to life.

NL poster met de tekst 'good vibes only'
NL poster van sinaasappels in de keuken
NL woonkamer ingericht met de trend Dopamine Decor


Bring the outdoors inside with the Soft Outdoors trend. This style combines natural elements with soft, comfortable decoration. By using light green tones, you bring the serenity of nature inside. Use Artiteq’s Loop Maker to hang light and airy fabrics, such as linen and cotton, on your walls. Add natural prints such as leaves, flowers and landscapes for a fresh, summer look. Hang light garlands and lanterns for an extra cosy and summery feel. Bring summer indoors by using natural materials and a palette of soft, summery colours.

Tips to apply this trend easily and quickly:
– Choose light colours such as white, light blue and pastel green.
– Use the Botaniq hanging flower pot to add flowers and plants to your walls, giving your interior an outdoor feel.
– Add decorative elements such as shells, driftwood and summer textile prints for a soft, summer look.

NL twee hangbloempotten aan een roze muur
NL soft outdoors poster in lichtgroene tinten
NL doorkijkje naar de hal waar een citroenenposter aan ed wand hangt


With Artiteq’s hanging systems, you can easily and flexibly adapt your wall decoration to the latest summer trends. Whether you go for the retro vibes of Modern 70s, the sustainability of Sustainable Living, the elegance of Curved Lines, the vibrancy of Dopamine Decor, or the natural look of Soft Outdoors, Artiteq has the perfect solutions to stylishly decorate your walls this summer. Bring the outside in and be inspired by nature to create interiors that reflect the warmth and joy of summer.

This summer, embrace the serenity and cosy colours nature offers us and bring it inside. Enjoy an interior that exudes the promise of new beginnings. Bring summer into your home with Artiteq!