NL roze wand met een zonnige lichtinval waar Botaniq hangplanten aan hangen


Time to refresh your interior with a summer breeze

Tips & inspiration

The warm days of summer invite change and renewal in the home. The perfect time to refresh your interior and bring in the vibrant colours and scents of summer! With Artiteq’s versatile hanging systems, you can easily customise your wall decorations and give your home a summer look. From bright posters to green hanging plants, discover how you can transform any room, from the kitchen to the kids’ room, with playful and stylish summer decorations.

In this blog, we give you some fun decoration ideas for each room that you can apply this summer. In case the summer is really off this year, at least you will get your summer dopamine shot from inside your home!

Kitchen: Fresh and colourful details

Even though the kitchen is actually a very practical room in the house, you can also decorate it in the summer spirit. For instance, consider a bowl with fresh summer fruits such as lemons. Or choose colourful tableware to display in the kitchen. Don’t forget to decorate your walls too! This is how you can let the sun shine in your kitchen with Artiteq products:

Hang summer posters on the wall with the Click Rail

Bring colour and vibrancy to your kitchen by hanging summer posters. Think prints of juicy fruits such as lemons, oranges and strawberries. Use Artiteq’s Click Rail to hang these posters easily without damaging your walls. The Click Rail makes it easy to change the posters when you want something different.

Add hanging plants with the Botaniq

Give your kitchen a green touch by adding hanging plants. Artiteq’s Botaniq hanging flower pot makes it easy to hang small pots of herbs or other plants on the wall. This not only creates a fresh look, but is also practical in the kitchen! What more could you want? Well… a cosy, sunny living room of course!

Living room: sunny and cosy atmosphere

Create a gallery wall with the Click Rail

A gallery wall with colourful artworks is a perfect way to make your living room summery. With the Click Rail, you can easily hang all kinds of different artworks. From posters to paintings.

Fill the room with plants with the Botaniq

Bring nature inside by hanging plants with the Botaniq hanging flower pot. Place different types of plants in the Botaniq and hang them at different heights for a playful effect. This creates a fresh, green look perfect for summer. Or just choose to hang a nice plant on the wall with the Loop Maker! With Artiteq, it doesn’t matter whether you hang 1 or 6 plants. You are always flexible in replacing your wall decoration.

Bedroom: calm and fresh

The bedroom is a place to rest. That’s why we bring the serenity of nature into the bedroom. Do you want to know how? Read on quickly!

Decorate the walls with organic shapes

Round shapes create a calm and soft atmosphere in your room. Choose to hang organic shapes in your bedroom. Take @lieks_home’s bedroom as an example. She chose to hang an organic shape of a dibond artwork with a drawing of her own family on the wall. Artiteq’s Dibond Hanger makes it easy and flexible to hang Dibond artworks like this one. How cute does that look?

Create a vertical garden with the Loop Maker

Make your bedroom even cosier with a vertical garden. Use Artiteq’s Loop Maker to hang small baskets of plants on the wall. Choose plants that require little light, such as ferns and ivy, to create a green and peaceful environment.

Kids’ room: playful and cheerful elements

Of course, your children are already the sunshine in the house. But allow your kids a little extra sunshine in their rooms as well. Dress up the room with sunny decorations. We’ll give you some ideas:

Make the kids’ room a party

Children love colour and cheerful prints. So choose to hang colourful posters or mirrors with the Click Rail. Want to give it an extra dimension? Then add some cool garlands by using the Twister Hook and you’ll turn the kids’ room into a true party!

Add colourful flower pots with the Botaniq

Bring a playful, colourful and personal touch to the kids’ room with the Botaniq hanging flower pot. Customise the hanging flower pot together with your kids and hang it on the Click Rail. This will make the room vibrant and summery.

Hallway: the entrance to summer paradise

As far as we are concerned, this is the most important room to bring summer into your home. The first impression counts, so make sure your hall is a cheerful and summery entrance to your home. How? We’ll give you some ideas:

Cheerful posters

Surely our number 1 tip of this blog, choose a cheerful poster! Bright colours and summery prints give an instant summer feeling. Just what you need to give your home’s entrance a summery vibe. Combine it with cosy colourful candlesticks and vases with a colourful bouquet of wild flowers and your hall is totally summer ready!


Opt for mirrors in the hall. Mirrors not only make the room look bigger, they also reflect sunlight straight into the room. Another handy thing about a mirror in the hallway, you can always check if your hair is still in place before you leave! With Artiteq’s Dibond Hanger, you can easily and quickly hang mirrors that do not have a hook. Perfect right?

With these tips, you can give every room in your house a summer makeover. Artiteq’s hanging systems make it easy and flexible to adapt your decorations to the season. So what are you waiting for? Bring summer into your home and enjoy an interior that glows with colour, vibrancy and natural beauty.