Magnetic Solutions

Magnetic coat racks, magnetic picture hooks, click frames and other solutions

New: hanging panels from the ceiling with the Magnetic Ceiling Hanger 

The magnetic ceiling hanger is a practical and easy-to-use hanging system for advertising signage or individual panels with a weight up to 1 kg. The magnetic ceiling hanger can easily be applied to a recessed ceiling for example.

Artiteq Magnetische oplossingen Magnetic Solutions

Ideal for workspaces with steel walls or cabinets 

If you want to hang wall decorations in spaces with steel walls, you need a magnetic hanging system. We offer magnetic solutions such as magnetic coat racks, magnetic picture hooks and magnetic click frames. The magnetic coat racks are strong and easy to instal without the need for drilling, even on a steel wall cabinet, for example. 

Hang pictures on a steel wall

Hanging a picture or frame on a steel wall or cabinet is easy with the magnetic picture hooks. The picture hooks are available in the following sizes: 50 x 100 mm (max. 1 kg), 100 x 200 mm (max. 4 kg), 150 x 250 mm (max. 6 kg) and 200 x 300 mm (max. 21 kg). Magnetic click frames are perfect for frames with contents that are changed on a regular basis, or when a click frame is used as for signage. We also offer magnetic strip and magnetic mounting blocks (75 mm x 50 mm x 11 mm). Use several magnetic mounting blocks to easily hang a whiteboard on a steel wall in a workspace, for example.

  • Flexible

    hang and move wall decorations quickly and easily

  • User-friendly

    fast and easy hanging concept

  • Multifunctional

    suitable for a variety of wall decorations and objects

  • Strong and reliable

    magnetic picture hooks for objects weighing up to 21 kg

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