We are happy to tell you how sustainable Artiteq is!

Responsible production

Our painting suspension systems are made of aluminium, which for a large part consists of recycled aluminium.  In end-use aluminium is especially durable. Aluminium lasts for decades and is low-maintenance.

At our factory, we try to reuse (residual) materials and parts of products for new products. Waste created during production is separated and recycled.

Many of our products are made in Europe.

Sustainable shipping

When shipping our products, we use cardboard boxes made from recycled materials. The boxes are filled with recycled cardboard.

In recent years, we have reduced plastic packaging. More and more plastic packaging is being replaced with recycled plastic, rPET. For example, our Retail products are in Recycle PET packaging and carry the rPET logo. rPET is considered one of the most environmentally friendly packaging materials. It is made from previously used PET plastic. The biggest advantage of rPET is the reduction of plastic waste.

More and more digital

Nowadays, almost everything goes digital and printing is hardly necessary. As a result, the use of paper in the office is minimal.

When we renovated our premises in 2016, we opted for an energy-efficient working environment. Examples of this are movement sensors for the light, use of LED lighting, presence of double glazing, working paperless as much as possible.