Smart Pocket Rail

Stylish presentation with use of acrylic pockets (Smart Pockets)

From charts and models to photos of employees. The Smart Pocket Rail can be used for a very wide range of applications and is suitable for internal and external use. It is an ideal system for presenting content in a vivid way. It also transforms a boring wall into a dynamic part of the room. With the Smart Pocket Rail on walls, it is easy to share and present information. The Smart Pockets guarentee a neat, professional way of presentation.

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    professionalstyllish presentation of information

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    easy installation solid and safe using clips

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    ease-of-useeasy to change content

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    warranty10 years

Arrow The perfect presentation with acryl pockets (Smart Pockets)

Easy to change content

The Smart Pocket Rail is the fixed version of the IMAGINE IT smart pockets model. Here, the rails are mounted directly to the wall. A speedy solution for improved, more stylish presentation of pictures, ideas and information. The Smart Pocket Rail is mounted to the wall using clips. The Smart Pockets can easily be inserted into the rail system.

Smart Pockets are available in the A3 and A4 formats. Because of the notch at the back and side of the pocket, you can change the content very quickly and easily, without having to remove the Smart Pockets from the rail. The rail is available in the sizes 100 and 200 cm, in a black or aluminium version.