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Display It LED – Flex

Make a statement with LED panels

This window presentation cable system with LED lighting ensures an optimal and eye-catching presentation of products and services. It is ideal for use as a window presentation system in shop windows, where the information may stand out day and night! It is possible to mount the rail on the wall or ceiling. The adapters can be turned in and out of the rail in no time for flexible use of the system. Steel cables, which run through and connect the LED panels with an autogrip feature, are used to suspend the LED panels. This provides a professional, sleek window presentation and makes adjusting the height of the panels quick and easy. The LED window display 'Display It LED FLEX' can be used double-sided: the front and back of the LED panels can be covered with translucent paper. View the wide range of LED panels below.

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    Optimal presentationdocuments and products

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    Display system for shopwindowsinformation displayed day and night

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    User-friendlychange content in no time

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    Multifunctionaldouble-sided displays with LED lighting

DE Display it led in Vitrine Schaufenster

Information stands out day and night with LED panels!

Real estate agents, travel agencies, employment agencies and mortgage brokers use LED window displays equipped with LED panels to promote products and services. Often this information may be seen day and night. Display It LED with LED panels make sure the products and services stand out day and night thanks to the LED panels.

Various combinations possible with LED panels

The Display It LED FLEX ensures that products and services stand out day and night thanks to the bright and energy-efficient LED lighting. With the wide range of sizes of LED panels, various hanging combinations are possible to efficiently and appropriately showcase products and/or services. The LED panels are available in A4, A4, A2 and A1 sizes – to be used in both portrait and landscape orientation. The 2xA4 and 3xA4 LED panels can only be used in portrait format. All panels can be used double-sided.

LED panels dimming

A transformer is required to use the Display It LED FLEX. This turns the lighting of the LED panels on or off. There is a choice of transformer 60VA, 200VA and 150VA dimmable. Choose the ‘Transformer 150 VA dimmable Casambi’, which is controllable with the app ‘casambi’. With this, the lighting of the LED panels can be set to the desired ‘strength’, LED dimmable.

Other accessories

Especially for the Display It LED Flex there is a Rail cover cap available to neatly hide the wiring at the top of the rial. See installation manual for instructions.

Besides the Display It LED Flex, the window presentation cable system also exists as a Fixed, with a fixed mounting to wall or ceiling.

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