2 year warranty

Display It LED – Flex

Make a statement with LED panels

This cable system, with LED lighting, enables documents, products and services to be displayed perfectly. It is ideal as a display system in display cabinets, where the information can stand out both day and night! The rail can be mounted to the wall or the ceiling. The adaptors can be twisted into and out of the rail in an instant, allowing flexible use of the system. The A3 and A4 LED panels can be used in either horizontal or portrait orientation and have clear LED lighting. The steel cables run through an auto-grip mechanism through the LED panels, connecting these together. This gives a professional, streamlined display and allows the height of the panels to be quickly and easily adjusted. This system allows double-sided displays: translucent paper can be inserted into the front and back of the LED panels.

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    Optimal presentationdocuments and products

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    Display system for shopwindowsinformation displayed day and night

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    User-friendlychange content in no time

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    Multifunctionaldouble-sided displays with LED lighting

Information stands out day and night!

Besides the Display It LED Flex, Artiteq offers the system as a Fixed version. The Display It LED Fixed cable system is mounted to the wall or ceiling.