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Window display as en eyecatcher

Striking and flexible window display systems

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The housing market is constantly in motion. One minute, two new houses are added and the next minute, five have been sold. It’s quite a job to ensure that the current status is shown for the different properties; this involves updating the website, but also the window display of available houses. A flexible and beautiful, but, above all, an easy-to-use window display system is indispensable within the estate agency sector. The window displays form the showcase of the business. This is where the properties that are for sale or to rent are displayed in the windows for passers-by. Ideally, this display should be visible to everyone, both day and night.

Beautiful and flexible window display presentation

There are various ways of displaying properties for sale or to rent in a sleek and professional manner. This depends on whether solely a window display is required, or whether the properties must also be displayed inside the office. When deciding on the right display system, ease of attachment and how simple it is to move things around and change content, play an important role.

When a business wishes to display the various properties inside its office, and has to be able to change the content in a flexible manner, a display system with transparent displays is a good solution. The Imagine It Smart Pockets offers a user-friendly solution, because the acrylic pockets are easy to attach and move around, plus the content can be changed quickly. This is an extremely flexible system, allowing variation in layout and size.

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Day and night visible

An important aspect of the window display is that properties can be seen both day and night. LED lighting draws attention to the properties at all times. A useful window display cable system, equipped with bright and energy-efficient LED panels, where the content can be changed quickly and easily. Display It LED provides a beautiful and, above all, flexible and illuminated display of the properties for sale and to rent. Mount the innovative cable system to the wall or ceiling. The system is attached to a rail. The rail allows the LED panels to be hung along the entire length of the rail. This is a great, flexible, freestanding solution. An auto-grip mechanism allows easy adjustment of the height of the LED panels. This auto-grip mechanism allows the steel cables to run through the LED panels, connecting the panels together. Either portrait or landscape panels, in A4 or A3 sizes can be chosen.

Double-sided displays

When numerous properties need to be displayed, or if the display is combined with the company logo, an estate agent would prefer to display as many of these properties as possible. Double-sided displays in a window display system as described above, provides a practical solution. Both sides of the acrylic pockets, available with the Imagine It Smart Pockets system, can be used. The same applies to the special LED panels that are part of the Display It LED system. This allows panels to be hung freely in a window and information can be inserted into both the front and the back of the LED panel, or the acrylic pocket.


Would you like to temporarily draw attention to a particular property in the window display? You may sometimes wish to do so, or you may wish to inform passers-by of a certain campaign. Window display systems are available as standard in A4 size and there is little variation. A3 panels, which can be used in either landscape or portrait orientation, can be used to draw attention to a certain property or campaign. Create a fun and appealing arrangement and vary the layout and size.

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