NL groot schilderij wordt opgehangen aan muur

Hanging wall decorations without drilling? This is the best way to do it.

By using decorations you spice up your interior and create more ambiance in your home. Picture frames, paintings, decorative plates, plants or other wall decorations, there are so many possibilities to decorate your walls at home. But how do you hang these decorations on your wall without constantly damaging them? Usually you immediately think of hammering a nail or drilling a screw into the wall. But what a waste it is to add an extra hole or make holes in a freshly plastered wall! Besides, it is also very permanent, a visible hole in your wall. Fortunately, you can hang all your wall decorations safely and flexibly on your walls with a picture hanging system and accessories. Read in this blog how to hang different kinds of wall decorations in an alternative way, allowing you to keep your walls undamged and you change decorations as often as you want!

Hanging paintings and frames without drilling

There are so many options when it comes to paintings on your wall. For example, you can choose a beautiful history piece, a landscape, a nice portrait or still life. But you can also choose an abstract or panoramic painting. Or you can fill beautiful frames with photos and memories. This way you will make your room more personal.

Use a picture hanging system, such as our Click Rail system, for hanging paintings and frames on your wall. The rail is easy to mount with clips on the wall. The rail clicks into place. You then slide the hanging wires and hooks into the rail. This you can slide into the rail at any desired location, allowing you to hang paintings and frames wherever you want!

NL achterkant schilderij aan de muur
NL schilderij aan muur met ophangsysteem
NL schilderij aan muur in woonkamer

Hanging plants without drilling

Bring nature into your home and create a pleasant, relaxing and healthy living environment at home. We have various accessories to hang plants on your walls.

Hanging with the Botaniq Hanging flowerpot

The Botaniq Hanging Flowerpot has soft round shapes and is available in the colors white and green. The white version is paintable. Nice to paint the flowerpots for example in the same color as the wall. You can hang the Botaniq with a hanging wire and hook on a picture hanging system. You can mix and match different plants in a creative way.

NL planten in witte hangbloempot aan de muur
NL hangbloempot aan de muur
NL planten in hangbloempot aan de muur

Hanging with the Loop Maker & Twister Hook

In addition to the Botaniq Hanging Flower Pot, we also have two accessories you can use to hang your plants on the wall. With the Loop Maker you replace the hanging hook. You make a loop around the hanger of the flowerpot you want to hang. With the Twister Hook you replace a hanging wire and hook in its entirety. Hang flowerpots or other plant accessories such as air plants or glass wall vases attached to a rope or wire.

NL plantje in mandje aan de muur
NL tulpen in een vaasje aan de muur

Hanging large wall panels without drilling

A real eye-catcher in your interior! Enlarge a vacation, wedding or children’s picture on a Dibond panel or glass plate. With a large wall panel on the wall you can really make a statement. All the attention immediately goes toward this panel. But how do you hang it safely on your wall? Because a large object can be a heavy weight.

Hanging with the Artiteq Back Frame Hanging System

The Artiteq Back Frame Hanging System makes the wall panel more secure. The system is invisible because it attaches to the back of the panel. The Power Corners in this system ensure that the weight is evenly spread across the entire frame. In addition, this method of hanging creates depth and shadow between the panel and the wall. With this system, the desired panel can be safely and properly hung on the wall in 3 ways: flexible with our picture hanging systems, fixed or secured.

NL groot wandpaneel aan de muur boven bank
NL groot wandpaneel aan de muur boven bank

Hanging tapestries without drilling

Just like large panels on the wall, a tapestry is also a real eye-catcher for your interior. Just a little different from a painting or poster. Bring an ambient and warm effect to your interior. The fabric, of which the tapestry is made, gives your home a soft and unique look. In addition, you can also be sustainable with wall hangings. Choose tapestries made from sustainable materials such as cotton or jute.

Hanging with the Loop Maker

Use our Loop Maker to hang your tapestry tightly on your wall. Use a flat wooden lath or a curtain rod and pull it through tunnel at the top of the tapestry. Slide the two loops of the Loop Makers over the lath on either sides. You then hang the Loop Makers at any desired position in a Picture Hanging System.

NL groot wandkleed aan de muur boven eettafel
NL groot wandkleed aan de muur in woonkamer
NL wandkleed aan de muur boven eettafel

Hanging mirrors without drilling

A mirror is an essential item in your home. Besides the function that you can check in the bathroom whether your hairstyle is right or whether that one outfit looks good on you, a mirror is also a nice decorative item for your living room. Moreover, your living room seems lighter and more spacious because the mirror reflects light.

Hanging with the Micro Grip

A larger mirror immediately comes with a lot of weight. It is important to hang it safely, because a mirror can easily break into 1000 pieces when it falls. Our Picture Hanging Systems are suitable for hanging heavy mirrors. Depending on which hanging system you choose, they have a load capacity between 20kg to 50kg per meter. Especially for heavier wall decorations, the Micro Grip hook is ideal. It is important to look carefully at the weight of the wall decoration to determine which hanging wire and hook is required to hang it on a hanging system.

Hanging with other suspension hooks

When hanging smaller mirrors, we have different hanging hooks and wires that you can use in combination with our hanging systems. You are flexible in hanging. Because do you want to hang several small mirrors together? That is very easy! For example, use the mini hook for this. It can support up to 4 kilos. The hanging wires and hooks can be placed anywhere in a hanging rail.

NL spiegel aan d emuur boven dressoir
NL spiegel aan de muur boven eettafel
NL spiegels aan de muur boven bank


Create a playful and fun chaos wall by using decorative plates. Decorative plates fit right into the “round and organic shapes” interior trend. This is all about using soft round shapes. Decorative plates create a nostalgic ambiance in your living room. Fill your wall with decorative plates in different sizes and with varied prints. Or hang a number of plates you really want to put focus on. We have three ways to hang the decorative plates, which can be combined with our Picture Hanging Systems:

Hanging with the Plate Hanger

The plate hanger is a helpful accessory for hanging beautiful decorative plates on the wall. You attach the sign hanger to the back of the sign over the center portion. They are suitable for plates between 16 – 24cm and have a maximum load capacity of 1kg.

Hanging with the Dibond Hanger

You can use a Dibond hanger when a plate hanger would not fit around the plate. Dibond hangers are intended for hanging small signs. The hanger has a glue layer and is attached to the back of the sign.

Hanging with the Tile Hanger

Like the Dibond Hanger, the tile hanger has an glue layer and is also attached to the back of smaller plates.

NL sierborden aan de muur boven eettafel
NL sierborden aan de muur boven eettafel
NL sierborden aan de muur boven het aanrecht

Hanging cards and photos without drilling

With pictures and (greeting) cards you can give the rooms in your home a personal touch. This way you create a warm and homely ambience inside. Pictures in frames on the wall is a well-known way of presentation, but in addition to hanging pictures in frames, you can also present pictures on your wall in other ways.

Hanging with wall grids & pinboards

You can hang endless decorations using our Click Rail system in combination with hanging wires and hooks. Use this system to playfully hang a wall grid or bulletin board full of photos.

Hanging with the Picture Mouse

In our own assortment we have the Picture Mouse. Hang pictures and cards with magnets on this cord in an original way. The Picture Mouse cord can be easily hung anywhere on the Click Rail or one of our other picture hanging systems.

NL foto's en kaartjes aan wandrek in keuken
NL foto's en kaartjes op prikbord aan de muur
Nl foto's en kaartjes aan picture mouse ophangkoord aan muur

We also have two presentation systems in our range for hanging photos and cards on your wall. Both systems mount directly to the wall and provide a sleek way to present your photos and greeting cards.

Hanging with the Card Rail

With the Card Rail, you can make excellent use of narrow areas of wall, since this vertical presentation system requires very little space. You easily slide pictures and cards into the sides of the rail. There is also the option of using magnets to hang pictures and cards at the front of the rail.

Hanging with the Info Rail

The Info Rail is a horizontal presentation system, where you slide the pictures and cards into the rail from the bottom. An extra dimension can be added to this system using the associated accessories: Me-Clip, Clip Hanger, Support Clip and Storage Clip. In addition, the Info Rail is also available in a magnetic variant, where pictures and cards can also be attached to the front with magnets.

NL foto's en kaartje in Card Rail aan de muur
NL kaartjes in de Info Rail aan de muur

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