Colourful interior

A glimpse inside Jenneke's house

Look inside

Since 2016, 63-year-old Jenneke has lived with her cat Dribbel in a pleasant newly built property. Her interior is her greatest passion. Sitting quietly on the sofa really isn’t an option for Jenneke. She is always styling and she loves to share photos of her colourful house on her Instagram account @prachtig88.

Eclectic and sustainable

How would Jenneke describe her interior style? “I think eclectic is the right buzzword. But in my own words: I just do whatever,” she laughs. “I combine colours, prints and furniture that appeal to me. If I’m in a charity shop, or at a nice market and I see something that appeals to me, I buy it. I’m definitely into sticking to a low budget and like to buy second-hand or sale items.”

Jenneke is definitely not afraid of colour and she regularly paints her walls in a different shade. “That’s not the only thing I like to change,” she says. “For example, I change the pictures and posters on my walls quite often, in fact a couple of times a year. That’s why I’m so happy with the picture hanging system Click Rail.”

The system was hanging within 1.5 hours

Her neighbour hung Jenneke’s picture hanging system. “That was really easy,” Jenneke says. “The hanging system came with clear instructions for use. I measured it myself and then it was just a matter of drilling and screwing. The rails hang across the entire length of the living room, that is approximately 7 metres. I think we were finished in approximately 1.5 hours.”

Jenneke really enjoys hanging and changing wall decorations. “I have to say that, at the start, I found it quite exciting,” Jenneke admits. “Such a thin wire and the hooks also look so simple. In my head, I’m thinking “I hope it goes OK”. But it works perfectly! It is surprisingly sturdy. I no longer have to drill and screw, which is fantastic. I don’t want any more holes in the walls.”

Stylish and chic

So far, Jenneke’s experiences have only been positive. “The system is fantastic. You can, of course, see the wire and the frame doesn’t hang totally flat against the wall, which is possible when you use (adhesive) nails. But that doesn’t bother me. You just get used to it. And maybe it’s a question of taste. I personally think it’s very stylish and chic, it looks a bit like a gallery.”

Changing content is also very easy. “That is really very simple,” Jenneke says. “I get my stool and once you’ve removed the frame from the hook, it is very light and the hook can easily be unscrewed.”

Even more Click Rails

Jenneke is so happy with the Click Rail that she wants the system throughout the rest of her house. “I still have a bit of rail left and I know exactly where I’m going to put it,” she says, laughing. “I think I’m going to mount the rail in the hallway, so that I can hang my cards there using the Picture Mouse. Or perhaps in the toilet, that would look great too. Actually, when I think about it, it would be perfect in my bedroom too. Fortunately the Click Rail can easily be bought from the hardware store, so I can always buy even more rails, ha ha ha!”