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A glimpse inside the EIE Real Estate Office

Presentation systems for shop window displays and windows

Inspiration business

The office of estate agent EIE in Tønsberg, Norway, has a number of Artiteq products in situ, including the Display It LED flex. This presentation system with lighting is specially designed for shop window displays and windows. The panels are equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting and are ideal for displaying homes for sale to passers-by.

Home listings

EIE’s office is used as a workplace and for appointments with clients and potential buyers. Director Matias Rostad Wahl: “EIE specialises in selling residential properties, both houses and flats. Our office is located in the city centre, so a lot of people also walk by every day. Of course, we would like to show the homes for sale to passers-by.”

The Display it LED flex was installed in seven different windows for this purpose, with panels featuring information on both sides. “We use the panels mainly to advertise the homes we sell,” Matias explains. “But there are also photos of our estate agents, with contact details, for instance. And, of course, our logo and other company information.”

NL raampresentatiesysteem in etalage makelaarskantoor
NL raampresentatiesysteem in etalage makelaarskantoor

Norway is a dark country

There were several reasons why EIE opted for the Artiteq system. “The first of course is the design, we really like the design,” Matias points out. “The LED lighting is also very practical. Norway is a dark country, half the year we face long nights. So
lighting is very important. The LED panels ensure visibility in the dark. But it is also beautiful during the day. In fact, the light makes the panels stand out much more and does better justice to the colours and contrast in the pictures.”

Building with LEGO

Matias also cites the system’s flexibility as an advantage. “It’s almost like building with LEGO,” he finds. “You can arrange it exactly as you want. And if you want to change something, for example hang a different size of panel, it takes almost no time at all. We replace the listings for the properties we sell at least once a week. And that’s very easy. You print out the listing, put the paper in the panel and you’re done. The system always works. Especially considering the design of the system, its flexibility and many features, the price is very good.”

NL raampresentatiesysteem in etalage makelaarskantoor
NL raampresentatiesysteem in etalage makelaarskantoor

Ease of installation

Finally, Matias mentions the ease of installation. “It was done in no time, within a day everything was installed. The only thing you need is electricity, which everyone has.” At the same time as the LED panels for the windows, the Click Rail was also installed in the offices with a load-bearing capacity of 30 kg per metre. Hanging from it, among other things, are large prints on acrylic sheets, attached using the Back Frame Hanging system.

Matias: “We chose this system because you only have to install it once. It is virtually invisible when not in use. And if you want to hang something, you don’t need to make holes in the walls. You can affix photos, artwork and even plants to it. The plants in Artiteq’s Botaniq pots bring a bit of life and greenery to our office. And if you decide to remove or move something, it can be done without leaving any trace.”

Good service

Working with Artiteq has been very rewarding for Matias. “The products are of good quality and the service is excellent,” he says. “You can tell that people take pride in what they do and the products they sell, and that’s important. They think together with you and proactively come up with suggestions and solutions. They gave us exactly what we needed.”

“They are beautiful products that are also very easy to use. And I believe this system is also very cost-effective in the long run. We will therefore be affixing the LED panels to three other windows as well.” In conclusion, Matias would definitely recommend Artiteq to other businesses. “But I honestly prefer my competitors to go somewhere else,” he says, laughing. “Because that’s how good I think it is!”

NL Hangbloempotten aan de muur in makelaarskantoor
NL schilderij aan muur in makelaarskantoor
NL schilderij aan muur in makelaarskantoor