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3 nursery accessories

3 awesome accessories for the nursery

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From baby room to nursery to teen room. When decorating the baby room, you don’t immediately think about the walls and the change / growth of your baby to teenager. Because how do you keep the walls beautiful and intact while allowing the walls to change with the growth of your child? An Artiteq painting hanging system offers the solution.

Pimp the wall of your baby and/or nursery with an Artiteq picture hanging system and use these 3 handy accessories for our system.

1. Picture Mouse

When your child is born you will receive many birth cards. With the Picture Mouse you can give them a nice spot on the nursery wall. Simply screw the magnetic wire into the rail in the desired location and use the magnets to hang up the lovely cards you receive!

After the birth, easily change the received cards for beautiful postcards and/or photos

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2. Loop Maker

A basket full of soft toys or a beautiful hanging flower pot on the wall in the baby and/or nursery. Wall decorations where it is not possible to use a hook can also be hung on the wall. The Loop Maker is used to easily create a “loop” to hang the desired wall decoration.

3. Twister Hook

The Twister Hook is a hook that is screwed directly into the rail at the desired location. It has a load capacity of 1 kg, so it is ideal for garlands, decorations or lighting string.

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