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A glimpse inside the home of Rowena

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Rowena Donker, known on Instagram as @rohouseproud, is a freelance stylist in everyday life. She lives with her husband Juriaan and their four children in Breda. The Artiteq Click Rail system has been hanging in her living room for the past couple of years; their beautiful terraced house is decorated in a unique Scandinavian & minimalist style

A minimalist and relaxing interior

Rowena’s interior is light and understated, but that wasn’t always the case. “Over the past two years, my style has actually changed quite a bit,” says Rowena. “We have a large family and that’s busy enough, so it’s then nice if your interior is really relaxing. That’s why our interior has gradually become more minimalist.” Rowena and her husband Juriaan are also very creative. “We make all sorts of things ourselves, for example, from wood. And I like to use second-hand items; we fix them up, giving them our own twist.”

As a design aficionado and stylist, Rowena often changes her wall decorations. “I love change. I’m always moving my furniture around and I want to constantly change things. Plus, I really hate drilling holes,” she laughs. “When we came to live here four years ago, there were fortunately very few holes in the walls. And I wanted to keep it that way. Artiteq’s Click Rail picture hanging system was therefore perfect for us.”

The rails in the same colour as the wall

The picture hanging system was mounted in the living room by an Artiteq installer over a length of almost ten metres. “The whole process was very fast and simple. Every 40 centimetres, the installer attached a clip to the wall and the rails just push into it,” Rowena explains. “And the best thing is that it’s almost invisible. The rails are painted with a primer (RAL9016), and you simply paint them in a colour of your choice. That is what I did, I just used wall paint. The wall is sand coloured, as are
the rails. And on the white walls, the rails are also white. The rail is therefore barely visible.”

Perlon hanging wires & Twister Hooks

Rowena really enjoys changing the frames and pictures. “I love the fact that there are so many different accessories. I mainly use the Twister perlon hanging wires. You can barely see them. The Twister Hooks are also very useful. I use those, for example, at Christmas to hang up Christmas decorations, and on birthdays for garlands. The system is also extremely strong. I have an exceptionally heavy mirror with two hooks and perlon wire attached to the rails and it is very stable. I never worry about it falling onto the floor,” she says, laughing.

Are there any disadvantages of the Artiteq hanging system? “Well, it can sometimes be difficult to get the frames to hang flush against the walls,” says Rowena. “You can cut the wires to the correct size, but if you change your wall decorations often, you don’t always want to do that. It then takes a bit of time to roll up the wire and stick it behind the picture or the photo frame. And, of course, when you use a nail, a frame will hang flush against the wall. But in my view, the advantages definitely outweigh the very few disadvantages of this system.”

No more drilling

According to Rowena, exactly what are those advantages? “The main advantage is, of course, that you don’t have to drill holes.
Well, you do have to drill a few holes once, of course, to hang the picture hanging system. But that’s it – after that, no more drilling! And changing content – that’s so easy and fast. There’s also a suitable hanging solution for every type of wall decoration. You can get special magnetic hanging wires (Picture Mouse) for photos and cards. And if you want to hang plants, for example, there are special accessories for this too (Loop Maker or Botaniq). I think it’s an ideal range.”

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