10 year warranty

Tilt Reducer

For hanging frames and paintings flat against the wall

The use of a picture hanging system is a modern and durable way to hang paintings, frames and other wall decorations in museums, galleries, exhibition halls, classrooms, office buildings or your own home. When using a picture hanging system, a small or light frame can sometimes tilt forward. In many museums, this is actually seen as not obstructive. At home or in the office, this can sometimes turn out differently. Artiteq has developed the Tilt Reducer for this purpose. The Tilt Reducer ensures that the frames and paintings that are hung on a picture hanging system hang less forward / do not tilt. In this way, your frame hangs flatter on your wall.

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    Accessory for behind the frame

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    Frame tilts less forward

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    Usable with 1mm and 2mm hanging wires

Thanks to the different rill lines, the hanging thread can be corrected.

The Tilt Reducer is attached to the top of a wooden frame, either individually or as a pair, aligned with the hanging point of the hook or hooks. The Tilt Reducer works best on a frame with a backing at least 10mm high and at least 12mm thick.

The various rill lines on the Tilt Reducer allow the hanging wire to be corrected.

By attaching the Tilt Reducer to the top of the frame, it will be very close to the hanging wire, bringing the top of the frame closer to the wall. The Tilt Reducer can be used with 1mm and 2mm thick hanging wires.