Display It Solo

A sleek hanging system for walls

Have you had a wonderful memory captured and printed on acrylic or Dibond? Display It Solo Set is a hanging system for plates with thicknesses ranging from 3 to 6 mm, making it ideal for hanging Plexiglas and acrylic plates. This system gives you a sleek and safe way to display your memories on the wall. Display It Solo Set is a display system that is easy to mount to the wall. The system consists of 2 buttons that are mounted to the wall, and then the Twister hanging cords are then Twister hanging cords hooked into them. Using the 4 clamps, you then attach the acrylic or Dibond plate to the perlon wire.

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    sleek presentation for hanging acrylic plates, dibond, forex or wood

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    flexible can be used with a picture hanging rail

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    multifunctional for plates with a thickness 3-6 mm

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    warranty 10 years

Arrow Plexiglas or Dibond (3-6 mm thickness) against the wall

Nearly invisible thanks to the use of perlon cords

Need to hang acrylic plates? The Display It Solo Set system ensures that acrylic and other plates may be displayed very close to the wall. Thanks to the transparent perlon wire used to hang the plates, the hanging system is nearly invisible on the wall. This display system may also be used in combination with our picture hanging rails. It’s easy to attach the perlon wires to a hanging rail instead of the button mounted to the wall.

Mounting the Display It Solo Set is easy: