5/10 kg/m

10 year warranty

Uniq Hanger

A different way to hang items on your wall

In some rooms, it either isn’t possible or desirable to use a hanging rail. The Uniq Hanger offers a solution for these situations. Not only is it easy and safe to hang a picture frame on the wall and easily adjust the height, but it also creates a certain look. The combination of the stainless steel button with the steel wire might result in just the look you want to create in your interior. You also have the option of fully concealing the system behind your photo frame or painting.

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    multifunctional suitable for a variety of wall decorations

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    industrial look stainless steel combined with steel wire

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    user-friendly one-time installation

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    flexiblepictures are easily adjustable in height

Arrow an industrial look for your interior

Hanging a frame without a rail

The Uniq Hanger consists of a wall fitting with cover, 1 mm steel wire and a Micro Grip suspension hook. It’s easy to insert the stainless steel wire in the wall fitting, and then just slide the stainless steel cover over this. After you slide the Micro Grip over the steel wire, you can adjust the height. The Uniq Hanger may also be used with perlon hanging wires. For an overview of hanging Twister hanging wires and picture hooks, click here.
Mounting the Uniq Hanger is easy and can be done in just a few steps: