Inspiration for Christmas decorations on the wall without drilling

This blog is full of ideas for Christmas decorations!

Tips & inspiration

During the dark winter holidays, we often bring a warm and cozy environment into our homes through Christmas lights, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree and lots of Christmas decorations. Did you know that hanging Christmas decorations trigger happy memories from our childhood? It forms a handhold and triggers nostalgia that makes us feel happier. A very good reason to hang lots of Christmas decorations! In this blog, various interior stylists show how they have created a warm and cozy home during the holidays. Read on quickly to see the best ideas for a cozy Christmas and enjoy their creativity!

Hang Christmas decorations safely and flexibly

Hang all your Christmas decorations safely on the wall with a picture hanging system. That way you don’t have to keep drilling holes in your walls and you can change decorations as often as you like. Change with every holiday and season. If you want to remain flexible when hanging and changing your decorations, the Click Rail hanging system, for example, is a perfect solution! You then combine this rail with our hanging wires and hooks. In the blog “How to hang Christmas decorations safely” we give some tips on how to use a hanging system to hang your Christmas decorations without drilling.

NL lijsten aan een beige muur
Nl kerstkrans opgehanden aan perlondraad aan de muur
NL kerstslinger opgehangen aan muur met tiwister hooks

Hanging Christmas garland, Christmas wreath and frames without drilling

Angelique, from @Lieks_home, created a warm Christmas atmosphere in her living room by hanging a Merry Christmas garland and a white paper star next to the Christmas tree. People often choose to hang decorations with our transparent perlon wires, but the green and red wire just looks super cute and very Christmassy! This garland hangs from some Twister Hooks. In the bedrooms, she also hung Christmas decorations. The master bedroom has a Christmas wreath hanging above the bed and the kids’ room has a cute little Christmas corner with a garland of lights, two frames filled with Christmas posters and a mini Christmas tree.

NL kerstslinger en ster aan roze muur in woonkamer
NL kerstkrans boven bed in slaapkamer
NL lijsten met kerstposters aan beige muur in kinderkamer

Hanging garlands of lights, poinsettia and decorative branches without drilling

Rowena, of @rohouseproud, got creative herself to make fun DIY Christmas decorations to hang up. For example, she combined a garland of lights with a gold cardboard poinsettia and pearl cords. She hung these with Twister Hooks in the Click rail. She also uses natural materials; for example, she filled an ornamental branch with pine cones. The lights through the branch add to the warm atmosphere. At her sitting area, she created a warm cozy spot with a Christmas wreath and a super cool gold DIY glass mosaic mirror! She added an extra creative twist to the Christmas wreath by using pearl cords.

NL lichsnoer en kerstster aan muur boven eettafel
NL siertakken gevuld met lampjes en dennenappels boven eettafel
NL kerstkrans en spiegel boven bank in woonkamer

Hanging Christmas tapestry and winter paintings without drilling

Lisanne, of @lisannevandeklift, has something different hanging above the couch every year during Christmas. A super cool tapestry with a Christmas tree on it. With this tapestry you are also doing something sustainable! And for those who don’t want a real Christmas tree in the house, but still want to bring the Christmas atmosphere inside, this is the perfect item. You can also hang a large metal star or a beautiful large canvas with a winter image to bring the winter atmosphere inside.

NL wandkleed met kerstboom aan muur boven bank in woonkamer
NL lichtster aan muur boven bank in woonkamer
NL groot winterschilderij aan de muur boven de bank in woonkamer

Hanging a pallet wood Christmas tree and luminous poinsettia without drilling

Jantina, from @Jan10aa, has hung various types of Christmas decorations on the Click Rail hanging system throughout the house. There is something cozy hanging in every room! Above the dining table a Christmas tree made of pallet wood filled with lights. This can be a nice alternative or an additional Christmas decoration. And in the children’s rooms, of course, no Christmas decoration can be missed. The children’s room is a personal and private place where a child likes to spend time. For example, you can put up a mini Christmas tree, but it is also fun and cozy to hang a luminous poinsettia like Jantina has done here!

NL houten kerstboom aan de muur boven eettafel
NL papieren kerstster aan de keukenmuur
NL lichtgevende kerstster aan de muur in kinderkamer

Hanging Japanese Christmas fans without drilling

At Saskia, of @christmaholic, beautiful large Japanese fans hang on the wall in the living room. This is a beautiful natural product made of hand-braided bamboo wood. It brings an authentic charm and natural softness to your living room. Did you know that these Japanese bamboo fans also have a symbolic meaning? They are considered a sign of hospitality and friendship. In addition, they symbolize a long and healthy life for the person who receives it as a gift.

NL bamboewaaiers als kerstdecoratie aan de muur boven bank
NL bamboewaaiers als kerstdecoratie aan de muur boven bank
NL bamboewaaiers als kerstdecoratie aan de muur boven bank

Hang your own Christmas decorations on the wall at home

Hopefully with the above inspiration, you can now get started at home to transform your home into a warm and cozy Christmas atmosphere! Want to know more about our Click Rail hanging system, hanging wires and hooks so you can hang all your wall decorations without damaging your walls? Here are the three products most used by the above interior stylists.