NL houten lijsten aan de muur

How to hang frames and paintings flat on the wall?

Reducing the tilting with the Tilt Reducer

Tips & inspiration

With a picture hanging system, you can securely and flexibly hang frames, paintings, and other wall decorations on your walls. This allows you to determine where and how high or low you want to hang them on the wall. Our picture hanging systems can be found in museums, galleries, offices, showrooms, and homes. In museums, galleries, and exhibition spaces, various sizes of frames and paintings are hung on the wall. These can be large, small, heavy, or lightweight. In some cases, especially with smaller and lighter items, the frames and paintings tend to tilt forward. In museums, galleries, and exhibition spaces, paintings are often intentionally hung in such a way that they tilt forward due to lighting considerations. This is not seen as a obstacle in those settings, but when you want to hang frames at home or in the office, it can sometimes have a different effect. As a solution to this, we have developed the Tilt Reducer. The Tilt Reducer ensures that small and lightweight frames and paintings hung on a painting hanging system tilt forward less. This way, your frame hangs flatter and therefore more securely on your wall.

The difference

Below, you can see the difference between a frame hung without the Tilt Reducer (left photo) and a frame hung with the Tilt Reducer (right photo). The frame with the Tilt Reducer is visibly flatter against the wall.

NL lijst verder gekanteld van de muur
NL lijst minder gekanteld van de muur met de Tilt Reducer

How to use the Tilt Reducer

The Tilt Reducer is attached with the provided screws, either individually or as a pair, at the top of a wooden frame, aligned with the hanging point of the hook or hooks. The Tilt Reducer works best on a frame with a back that is at least 10mm high and at least 12mm thick. By attaching the Tilt Reducer to the top of the frame, it comes very close to the hanging wire. This brings the top of the frame closer to the wall when hung.

NL Tilt Reducer ingezoomd in de hand
NL montage Tilt Reducer op achterkant van lijst met schroevendraaier
NL Tilt Reducer gemonteerd op achterkant lijst