Hanging Christmas decorations

Hanging Christmas wall decorations Tips & inspiration

During these dark winter days, we often bring a warm atmosphere into the house by means of Christmas lights, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree and lots of Christmas decorations. But how can you hang up all these decorations flexibly and safely in your home without damaging your walls? We have different types of hanging systems and accessories that can help you with this depending on what you want with your interior. This allows you to change as many decorations as you want without damaging your walls! Moreover, a hanging system ensures that you can easily respond to the seasons or other holidays. We have listed some great tips for you in this blog on how to create a warm and cozy home during the holidays with a hanging system and some accessories.

Hang up your Christmas decorations

Did you know that hanging Christmas decorations evokes happy memories from our childhood? It gives us something to hold on to and it evokes nostalgia which makes us feel happier. A very good reason to hang lots of Christmas decorations! If you like to remain flexible when hanging and changing frames, paintings and other wall decorations, a picture hanging system such as our Click Rail is a great solution! In addition to our standard hanging wires and hooks, you can use the Loop Maker or the Twister Hook with all of our picture hanging systems to hang all kinds of decorations.

For example:
♡ Christmas stars
♡ Christmas lights
♡ DIY flower ring
♡ Wooden materials
♡ Wall tapestry

Especially for:
♡ Christmas plants, such as the red poinsettia plant, there is the Botaniq hanging flower pot
♡ Porcelain plates there is the plate hanger

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Create a wall collage

Mix several paintings, picture frames or frames with Christmas posters on the Click Rail hanging system and create a playful wall. Despite the different types of content, create a fused pattern by hanging them together. By doing so you create a “modern” look combined with a Christmassy content. In addition to looking fun and decorative, they improve your mood. So hang it up!

You can vary endlessly in formats. Do you prefer a clean wall instead of a playful one? Then grab frames that are all the same size and create a perfectly aligned wall collage. Creating a wall collage or gallery wall is also easy to do with a picture hanging system.

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Hang up your Christmas cards

It has been less for a while, but with Corona’s loneliness, more and more people are sending Christmas cards to each other again. Masses of Christmas cards are being bought to send to friends and family. Probably to you too!

If you already have a picture hanging system in your home, use the Picture Mouse to hang your Christmas cards. You can hang your cards on this magnetic cord using magnets.

Do you have a small piece of wall left over and would like to hang something there too? With the Card Rail, cards can be slid into the rail on both sides. The magnetic strip on the front allows you to hang your cards on the rail using magnets. You attach this rail directly to the wall.

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NL kerstkaarten aan card rail

Are you ready?

Hopefully the above tips have given you enough inspiration to make your home even warmer and cozier during the holidays. And when the holidays are over it’s easy to change your frames or tidy up the cards with the above hanging systems.

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