Hang a large wall decoration with these 5 tips

A real eye-catcher in your interior!

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Everyone has a few wall items, decorations, frames or pieces of art hanging on the wall in their home. This varies from, for example, several linear frames next to each other to a gallery wall of different sized frames together. We tend to hang multiple frames on the same wall, and of course there is nothing wrong with that! But have you ever thought about hanging one large frame? With a large frame or large wall decoration on the wall you can make a statement and have a real eye-catcher in the interior! Whether in the bedroom, hallway or living room, all attention is immediately drawn to it.

Hanging large wall decorations safely

There are endless types of wall decorations to fill your walls at home with. For example, you can choose a photo, a piece of art or a poster. What you also see a lot now are large panels with prints and large wall decorations made of different materials. But how do you hang all these different types of wall decorations safely on the wall? A large wall object can in fact carry a heavier weight. To ensure that your wall decoration does not fall after you have hung it, you must ensure that with a heavier frame you choose the right hanging solution. We offer various hanging solutions for hanging large wall objects safely and securely on your wall.

NL groot wandobject aan muur in eetkamer
NL groot wandobject aan muur in woonkamer

Hanging large dibond, forex, acrylic or (plexi) glass panels

Tip 1

The Artiteq Back Frame Hanging System was developed for hanging large wall panels made of aluminum (Dibond), forex or acrylic. The profiles are attached to the back of the wall panel using the specially developed Power Corners. These Power Corners ensure that the weight is distributed over the entire frame. In addition, this method of hanging creates depth and shadow between the panel and the wall.

Tip 2

We also have special Dibond hangers for less heavy Dibond panels. These are self-adhesive hooks made of galvanized steel that can be attached to the back of a Dibond sheet, Perspex or acrylic sheet. We have different sizes of Dibond Hangers: 50x52mm, 70x70mm 100x100mm and 100x200mm. The weight of the panel being hung determines what size dibond hanger should be used. 8kg is the heaviest our Dibond Hangers can carry per panel.

Both hanging solutions can be used in combination with our picture hanging systems such as the Click Rail, leaving walls undamaged.

NL groot dibond paneel aan muur in eetkamer
NL groot plexiglas paneel aan muur in keuken

Hanging large tapestry

Tip 3

Most tapestry have a tunnel at the back. To hang the tapestry securely, you can pass a flat wooden or aluminum rod, a curtain rod or a wooden stick through the tunnel. Then you can hang it with our Loop Maker. Pull the ends through the loop and let them hang there. The Loop Makers can then be hung on a picture hanging system at any desired location. This way, the tapestry hangs nicely close to the wall.

NL groot wandkleed aan muur in eetkamer
NL groot wandkleed aan muur in woonkamer

Hanging large frames, artwork and mirros

Tip 4

The Click Rail is a flexible picture hanging system that is mounted once on the wall. With the Click & Connect system, mounting the rail system is quick and easy. The Click Rail can be mounted flush against the ceiling and can also be painted in the color of the wall or ceiling. The picture hanging system becomes almost invisible in this way. For heavier objects you can combine this hanging system with our Micro Grip hook and 2 mm perlon wire, which together can carry a wall object of 20 kg. You can hang a wall object of 30 kg per 1 meter on our picture hanging system Click Rail.

NL groot wandobject aan muur in slaapkamer
NL grote spiegel aan muur in eetkamer

Additional accessory for behind the heavy wood or aluminium frame

Tip 5

When using a picture hanging system to decorate walls, it is important that the back of the frame or frame you want to hang is equipped with the right supplies. Artiteq offers a wide range of accessories for behind the frame. For instance frame hangers which can be used with heavy frames made of wood and aluminum. Mount the hangers by screwing them into the frame on the left and right sides. Then they can be easily and safely hung with our Micro Grip hooks on a picture hanging system.

NL haak aan achterkant van groot wandobject
NL haak aan achterkant van groot wandobject

Get inspired!

Looking for inspiration on how to use a hanging system or what types of hanging systems there are? Get inspired with these beautiful interior views and discover the possibilities of Artiteq.