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Something different on the wall every season

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If anyone changes their home and wall decorations often, that’s Saskia de Laat! This enthusiastic blogger has been sharing inspiration about Christmas and other holidays through her two blogs for the past 13 years. The Artiteq Click Rail hanging system gives her the flexibility to hang something different on the wall every season.

A love of change

Saskia lives with her husband Robert in Eindhoven. Their interior has a neutral and calm backdrop, but looks slightly different every season. “I truly dislike choosing furniture, but I love home decoration,” says Saskia. “Every once in a while, I change around the styling here at home. Firstly, because I love change, I really enjoy changing the details in my home on a regular basis. But mainly because of my work as a content creator. I share inspiration about the seasons and holidays and, of course, like to regularly show something new to my followers and readers.”

Seasonal inspiration

Saskia has two different blogs. “My main blog is Christmaholic,” she says. “I use this blog to share Christmas inspiration with other enthusiasts from mid-September until late December. For example, decoration tips, creative DIY projects and gift ideas. I also create festive Christmas vlogs; every year, for example, we visit various Christmas markets and Christmas events at garden centres to capture the atmosphere on video.”

When she’s not busy with Christmas, through her second blog So Celebrate! Saskia shares inspiration about celebrating the seasons. “I absolutely love vegetable gardening and growing flowers, so I like to create content about that. In addition, I always decorate my home lavishly for the different seasons and holidays. I change the cushions on the sofa and the decorations on the shelves, in my cupboards and in the kitchen. And, of course, I change the wall decorations regularly!”

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At Saskia’s home, the same things don’t hang on the walls for long. “Hammering nails into the walls is something I really shouldn’t do,” she laughs. “I do it sometimes, but I always regret it. After all, decorations never remain in the same place for long in this house. That’s why I’m so happy with my Artiteq Click Rail hanging system. This system is now mounted on two walls in my living room and one in the bedroom. The Artiteq fitter hung the system in just a couple of hours, it was a really quick job. The hanging system allows me to change the wall decorations in my home as often as I please!”

Unusual wall decorations

Of course, Saskia also hangs photo frames, posters or paintings on the walls. But usually, she hangs other wall decorations. “Last autumn I hung three large decorative fans above our sofa, I think they’re so festive,” says Saskia. “At Easter, I usually go all out with the decorations. I like to create seasonal decorations myself. Since the Click Rail was mounted, I prefer to hang my Easter branches. Above the sofa, for example. After Easter, I leave the Easter branches hanging and replace the Easter decorations with King’s Day decorations. So, for example, orange crowns, red, white and blue bows and vases filled with orange tulips.”

Without doubt, Saskia’s favourite time of the year is the run-up to Christmas. “In October and November I go all out with decorations in my house,” she says enthusiastically. “I put a (small) Christmas tree in almost every room of the house. And I always hang something nice on the bedroom wall. For example, last Christmas I hung a neon light with the wording Silent Night above our bed.”

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NL paastak aan muur woonkamer

Using loop makers you can hang anything

Saskia usually uses the Artiteq Loop Maker to hang her decorations. “The Loop Makers are ideal if you plan to hang special decorations. It’s a bit fiddly, twisting the minuscule screws in the Loop Makers, particularly for someone with little patience, like me,” she laughs. “But the advantage is that you can barely see them in the end. And you can use them to hang quite literally anything!”

In those areas in her home where Artiteq rails haven’t been mounted as yet, Saskia usually uses adhesive nails. In itself, that works quite well, but there are also quite a few disadvantages,” she thinks. “The question is always whether you can remove them from the walls without leaving a mark. Plus, adhesive nails are much less flexible. You have to decide in advance where to stick the adhesive nail and, if you then don’t like the position, you have to remove the nail and stick it higher up.”

NL siertakken aan de muur met kongingsdag versiering in woonkamer boven bank
NL siertakken aan muur opgehangen met loop maker
NL siertakken aan de muur met kongingsdag versiering in woonkamer


“The Artiteq hanging system takes away that problem. Higher, lower, to the left, to the right, it’s all possible and done in no time. I love that flexibility. Actually, I want the system throughout my entire house. I plan to paint the wall behind my desk in my home office this year, then I can have an Artiteq Click Rail mounted there too. I can’t wait until this autumn, when I can fill the walls with beautiful festive wall decorations, ready for Christmas!”