Ceiling Strip

Ceiling Strip – picture hanging rail integrated in corner profile

Hanging rail integrated in corner profile for recessed ceilings

This picture hanging rail can be integrated when installing recessed ceilings. When recessed ceilings are installed during a building project without side strips, the Ceiling Strip offers many benefits. The Ceiling Strip replaces the corner profile used in recessed ceilings, and at the same time, creates a completely invisible picture hanging system. When this ceiling system is installed, the only element that is visible is a discreet shadow line along the edge of the recessed ceiling where the flexible picture hanging system is hidden.


Thie shadow line can also camouflage any imperfections in the wall, such as those masked by a side strip. Thanks to the integration of the corner bracket and hanging system, the Twister gliders on the hanging cord also disappear completely into the ceiling: the hanging system is fully integrated and not visible.

Hanging wires and hooks for Ceiling Strip

Read more about the Ceiling Strip in our brochure integrated picture hanging systems:

  • Flexible

    hang and move wall decorations quickly and easily

  • Never drill another hole

    no damaged walls

  • User-friendly

    one-time assembly (integrated when installing recessed ceiling)

  • Multifunctional

    suitable for a variety of wall decorations

  • Strong and reliable

    up to 50 kg/m, 10-year warranty

  • Invisible

    hanging system hidden in recessed ceiling

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