8 kg/m

10 year warranty

Wall Bracket Support Dibond Hanger metal

Wall hook for Dibond Hanger

The Wall Bracket Support Dibond Hanger metal is a wall hook that is used to mount the Dibond Hanger firmly to the wall. This provides a solid and sturdy wall mount for your dibond panel or mirror. The Wall Bracket Support is suitable for the Dibond Hangers 100x100 mm (max. 4 kg) and 100 x 200 mm (max. 8 kg). You first mount the Wall Bracket Support on the wall by means of a screw and plug. The Dibond panel or mirror fitted with the appropriate size Dibond Hanger is then 'hung' over the Wall Bracket Support. Please note: when using a Dibond Hanger, the surface must be clean and free of grease before the Dibond Hanger is stuck to it.

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    Blind hanging system for hanging Dibond panels

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    Fixed mounting solid and secure wall mounting

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    In combination with use of Dibond Hanger 100x 100 mm or 100 x 200 mm

Hanging up a Dibond panel

The Wall Bracket Support Dibond Hanger metal is always combined with a Dibond Hanger. This self-adhesive hook made of galvanized steel is attached to the back of a Dibond, Forex or Plexiglas wall panel. Depending on the weight and size of the wall panel to be hung, you determine what size Dibond Hanger is needed. This can be one or two. For more information on how to properly and safely attach the Dibond Hangers to the wall panel, read here.