15 kg/m

10 year warranty

Hanging wire with eye

Hanging wire used with partition wall hooks

A hanging wire with eye, or loop cord, is a hanging wire suitable for use with a partition wall hook. We offer two types: perlon with eye and steel wire with eye of 2 mm thick. Available in 5 different lengths: 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 cm. All Artiteq hanging hooks are suitable for use with the hanging wire with eye. In rooms where partitions, system walls, wall panels or cornices are used, a partition wall hook and hanging wire with eye can be used to hang a work of art without drilling. These partition wall hooks are used in combination with an eye hanging wire to hang a painting safely and neatly.

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    Flexiblehang and move quickly and easily

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    Mutifunctionalsuitable for a variety of wall decorations

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    Preservation of wallswall or ceiling mounting

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    User-Friendlyone time installation

Hanging system for all partition walls

Partition wall hooks offer a solution when something needs to be hung at system walls, wall panels, doors, partitions or cornices. Artiteq offers a number of different types of partition wall hooks with a load-bearing capacity of between 3 and 20 kg. The partition wall hooks are used either in combination with a hanging wire with eye of perlon or steel wire or a Slider Economy hanging wire in order to be able to hang the painting.