4 kg/m

10 year warranty

Drop Ceiling Clipphanger

For hanging light posters, frames and paintings

Versatile and efficient drop ceiling hanging solution to hang (light) posters, paintings and frames from a drop ceiling. The Drop Ceiling Clipphanger has a quick and easy installation. Slide the Drop Ceiling Clipphanger onto the drop ceiling at the end of the wall. The perlon wire 200 cm is already attached to the clip. Attach the hook onto the perlon wire for hanging posters, frames, or paintings with a maximum weight of 4 kg.

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    Hanging solution for drop ceiling

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    Maximum load capacity of 4 kg

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    Hanging light paintings, posters and frames

Handy clip for drop ceiling

Handy clip for hanging posters, frames and not too heavy paintings (up to 4 kg maximum) on a drop ceiling. The Drop Ceiling Clipphanger is made of metal with white plastic coating. With two simple steps it can be attached to a drop ceiling.

Ideal solution for companies, schools and offices where drop ceilings are used and wall decorations are desired.